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Giving The Clumpany A Good Kicking

Good Evening.

It has belatedly come to my attention that the Football Blogging Awards have rolled into town once again. Long-suffering readers will recall that The Clumpany (remarkably) reached the final of the ‘Best New Blog’ category in 2015. Once again I thank everyone who voted for me!

Frankly I am a bit surprised that I wasn’t asked to organise and host the 2016 FBAs given the unadulterated success of the World Cup of Liquidation Lies which The Clumpany staged a few months ago. This brought together 32 fearsome piles of bullsh*t in mortal combat over the course of a week, culminating in a no-expenses-spared glittering ethereal awards ceremony. 

Here’s is a reminder of the drama: 

The World Cup of Liquiation Lies

Mounting Tension

The World Champion ‘Liquidation Lie’

Still, I am sure the organisers of the FBAs will do an excellent job!

Which brings me to the point of this particular blog [yes, I can sense that you are already WAY ahead of me…]. I had a look at the categories and criteria and it appears that the ‘Best New Blog’ category applies to those which started in 2014 or later:

“To qualify for the Best New Football Blog award your blog or website must be created since the beginning of 2014 or you are an individual who has started blogging or writing in since 2014.”

Given that this site started up on 19 April 2015 there is no reason why those with a sense of pity and sympathy cannot vote for me in that category once again.

However, there is another category in which you may like to vote for me (there is no limit on categories): the ‘Best Social Football Account’

“To qualify for the Best Social Football Account your account must be any football based social media. You do not have to run a website or blog.”

The Clumpany’s relentless and wide-ranging Twitter output would appear to fall within this category, and you may like to vote for me within it…

However, you may simply wish to tell me to ‘get stuffed’, knock me over and kick sand in my face for the rest of time. That’s fine too…

[Incidentally the ‘Best Social Football Account’ was won by @DeludedBrendan in 2015. Brendan Rodgers himself has – of course – gone on to bigger and better things in his managerial career during the past twelve months 😉]

How to vote

The format of the competition is the same as in 2015:

This link explains the categories:

There are two sections in each category:

  1. A public vote which is awarded on the basis of votes received from you and me (and me, and me and me…). Having totted up all the votes cast by 26 September 2016, the organisers then draw up a shortlist for the final, and voting is reopened on 5 October 2016.
  2. A ‘Judges’ Choice’ Award, which is decided by a panel of esteemed pundits on the basis of nominations received via the FBA website.

Should you wish to vote for my brand of humour/ sarcasm/ polemic/ surrealism in the public vote you can do so 

  • on the FBA website by clicking here and voting for @TheClumpany in the ‘Best New Blog’ category, AND the ‘Best Social Media’ category; or
  • by clicking here to tweet your vote for ‘Best New Blog’.
  • by clicking here to tweet your vote for ‘Best Social Football Account’.

When tweeting your vote it must look like this in order to count:

I am voting in @TheFBAs for @TheClumpany as the Best #New Football Blog

I am voting in @TheFBAs for @TheClumpany as the Best #Social Football Account

And yes you CAN vote more than once as the days pass…

If you need a reminder of some of the material I have produced across 518 blogs over 17 months [ouch!], here are a selection of constructive rants, hypothetical conversations and songs:

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And if you are the kind of person who places value on a celebrity endorsement, here are some of which I am especially proud: 😉

Many thanks in advance for your support. 

Or – if you are a Sevco fan taking umbrage at this piece – please put some money in the Clumpany swear box. All proceeds will be reinvested in a huge jelly and ice-cream party… 😉