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Tick, Tick, Tick…


[UPDATE – 27 September 2016] : Voting has now closed! Many thanks for your support!]

Good Afternoon.

This is a glib and shameless blog.

I am referring to this particular blog, NOT the other 543… Those ones are just boring. Like my Twitter account…


This blog is glib and shameless because it serves no other purpose than to highlight the looming deadline for the first round of the Football Blogging Awards 2016, which closes at the end of today.

If you wish to be reminded of the background and categories etc, you can find the information here:

Giving The Clumpany A Good Kicking

The format of the competition is the same as in 2015:

The public vote is awarded on the basis of votes received from you and I. Having totted up all the votes cast by the end of today (26 September 2016), the organisers then draw up a shortlist for the final, and voting is reopened on 5 October 2016.

Should you wish to vote for me you can do so

  • on the FBA website by clicking here and voting for @TheClumpany in the ‘Best New Blog’ category, AND the ‘Best Social Media’ category; or
  • by clicking here to tweet your vote for ‘Best New Blog’.
  • by clicking here to tweet your vote for ‘Best Social Football Account’.

When tweeting your vote it must look like this in order to count:

I am voting in @TheFBAs for @TheClumpany as the Best #New Football Blog

I am voting in @TheFBAs for @TheClumpany as the Best #Social Football Account

You CAN vote more than once.

There is also a  ‘Judges’ Choice’ Award for each category, which is decided by a panel of esteemed pundits on the basis of nominations received via the FBA website. I haven’t asked anyone to nominate me for these awards. However, if anyone feels moved to do so it would no doubt bring a little tear of joy to an ethereal eye…

I have tried to thank people as they have voted, by replying to or by ‘liking’ their tweets. Apologies if I have overlooked your vote, but rest assured I am very grateful indeed!

Many thanks for your support, and