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Sevco! Sevco! Sevco!

Good Evening.

What an absolute treat it was to follow the Twitter coverage of Green v RIFC this afternoon. A social media event brought to interested folk by @jamesdoleman and @STVGrant.

I am not going to go over the detail as many of you will have followed the tweets and can read the reports later. And I am certainly not going to comment on the merits of the case!

I will simply note that it was a pretty extraordinary afternoon. To read about the liquidation of Rangers and the creation of the new club from the QC representing Sevco’s founding father was quite something.

So many points and arguments previously advanced by an informed and vibrant online community were put forward. Points which are sometimes mocked and often ignored by the mainstream media were advanced in open court as part of a serious coherent argument.

Here are some of The Clumpany’s previous musings on these issues:

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Incorporation, asset sale, the need to be a legal entity to actually undertake any football club-type activities etc were all discussed. 

And the word ‘Sevco’ was used repeatedly. Banned on some newspaper online comment facilities, and frowned upon by phone-ins, it was used because it is relevant, it means something, and you can’t tell the story of Charles Green FC without it!

There were too many highlights this afternoon to quote them all, but I think I might frame these two tweets and give them pride of place by putting them on the door of the Clumpany Buckie Cellar.

I hope all Clumpaneers enjoyed ‘hearing’ some of their views put forward as rational debate this afternoon, without the filter of media curtailment and without them being sneered at as ‘obsessive’ or ‘paranoid’.

I know I did! But I did find myself wondering whether Martin Williams of the Herald would have ‘heard’ them in the legendary ‘engine room subsidiary’. We may never know…

Meanwhile, spare a thought for the Twitter Sevcobot. It must have gone totally haywire.

Speaking of which, I see Dave King has released a statement this evening. What a shame it didn’t distract me from discussing this afternoon’s proceedings.

Not that any Sevco PR operation would ever try to do such a thing…



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