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Barton The Bard

“You’re sure this IS Celtic, aren’t you?”

Good Morning. [And please vote ‘Clumpany’!]

The Clumpany is proud to bring you an exclusive extract from Joey Barton’s much-hyped new book.

Noted Celtic fan Barton is no stranger to a bit of pretension, and he certainly hasn’t let his adoring fans down, with some adapted Shakespeare and the accompanying photograph.

Take it away Joey…

“Alas, poor Rangers! I knew them, Warbo; a club of infinite debts, of most excellent survival fantasy; they hath bored me with their venal hacks a thousand times; and now, how abhorred in our indignation they are! My ire rises at it. Here hung those lips that creditors have kissed goodbye we know not how oft. Where be your nine-in-a-row now? Your baubles? Your taxes? Your flashes of Gazza, that were wont to set the Crumbledome in a roar? Not one now, to gloat your own winning? Whyte chap-fallen? Now get you to my Nimmo-Smith’s chamber, and tell him, let him paint a whitewash thick, to this favour he must come; make him ‘Bryson’ that.”

[With apologies to William Shakespeare and his good friend Hamlet 😉].


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