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The Big Sevco Investment Plan

IMG_4060Good Evening.

Not likely to appear in a newspaper anytime soon.


Dave King Expected To Reinvest Hot Air Into Rangers*

A golden future is predicted if all previous empty rhetoric is directed back into the club.

By A. Shit-Shoveler.

Dave King hopes to turn things around at Ibrox with an eye-catching plan to reinvest all the hot air spoken about building the best side in Scotland since the Glorious Takeover of March 2015.

Not only will things look different at Ibrox, but it is also understood that Rangers* expect to turn a considerable profit in almost no time at all.

A source close to the latest developments said “What do you mean you smell sh*te? You aren’t going to say that in the paper are you? Good. Anyway, yes there is a fantastic plan to win games and make Rangers* an absolute fortune.

Insisting on maintaining his anonymity, the insider continued “You know all the hot air there has been about investment, over investment, children’s inheritances and ‘doing whatever it takes’ over the past two years? Well the plan is to put it to good use with ‘Operation Scorched Earth’.

“All that hot air will be blown back on to the pitch during every game. And f*ck me is there a lot of hot air to blow. The Rangers* players will be wise to the plan and wear protective outfits. Preferably astronaut suits, but if the budget doesn’t stretch that far they might use cling film instead.

“The visiting sides won’t have a clue what to expect when they turn up because the media can be relied upon to pretend that no one is wearing heat shielding. The opposition will be burnt to a crisp before half-time and Rangers* will win the league.  Especially when the SPFL agrees to let Rangers* play their first eleven games at home and all their opponents end up being out for the rest of the season with chronic dehydration or worse. Champions League here we come!”

Turning his attention to the business benefits that Operation Scorched Earth might bring, our source explained excitedly: “Aside from the prize money for winning the league and a shot at Champions League riches, the hot air that’s been produced is so unbelievably intense that it will turn the Ibrox pitch into a desert and then inches-thick glass.

“What a business opportunity that will be! We can sell ‘Rangers* double-glazing’ to interested punters at a huge mark-up. The fact that it won’t be real double glazing is neither here nor there. After all, none of the faithful cares that it’s not the real Rangers* they are following do they?”



NB Remember folks, it’s just a bit of fun…

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The William Wallace Podcast


Good Evening.

The Clumpany is delighted to confirm the launch of a multimedia service which will enable you to get to know the Scottish legend who was famously portrayed by Mel Gibson in the film of his autobiography.

Wallace is a name known throughout the world, but how many of us can claim to really know the victor of Stirling Bridge: what he eats for breakfast, his favourite pubs, where he goes on holiday, and whether he prefers EastEnders to Coronation Street?

Well now you have the chance to find out! For a small fee, you can gain access to The Clumpany’s new premium interactive ‘Wallacevision’ service, which will bring you:

  • Weekly podcasts in which The Clumpany and Wallace will discuss the week’s news and sport, and slag off football phone-ins.
  • Wallace’s Video Diary, in which Sir William will give subscribers an insight into his daily life working in a branch of Homebase, playing darts for his local pub, and acting as a volunteer Bingo caller at sheltered housing for elderly people.
  • Live online Q&A sessions with Wallace, where you set the agenda. Especially if the agenda is about late-13th and early-14th Century Scotland.
  • An exclusive 15-part documentary series “Wallace Visits London Again” where the great man goes to Westminster Abbey and makes a series of obscene gestures at the tomb of Edward I.
  • Access to “What’s App William?”, an innovative new app for your smartphone which allows you to recreate the experience of being hung, drawn and quartered, and which offers a unique insight into how Wallace somehow survived and lived on into the 21st Century.

This exciting new history-making, credulity-stretching, death-defying service is available to anyone in exchange for a copy of Rangers FC’s ‘end of administration’ certificate.

Don’t all rush at once…


NB Remember folks, it’s just a bit of fun…



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Pedro’s Aberdeen Wish List

Pedro2Good Evening.

The Clumpany hears that Ryan Jack isn’t the only thing about Aberdeen that Paperwork Pedro has his eye on. This article – which won’t be appearing in a newspaper anytime soon – explains all…


Pedro’s Aberdeen Wish List

By A. Futile-Hope

Pedro Caixinha has sensationally added to his earlier comments about Ryan Jack by expressing his admiration for other aspects of Aberdeen Football Club.

The Light Blues gaffer caused a stir by commenting favourably on the Dons captain in a move which clearly enraged manager Derek McInnes. And now he has fanned the flames further by announcing an entire list of Aberdeen targets as he seeks to undertake a rebuilding job over the summer.

“I admire many things about Aberdeen” said Caixinha. “I like their second place in the league and their Cup final. The Chairman knows my ambition and will give me the resources to achieve my targets. 

“We will swap the Aberdeen players for Rangers* ones in the changing rooms at Hampden later this month, and then my team will run out to play Celtic. 

“We also will invite Mr Doncaster to a very nice lunch with leek soup and ask him to delete Aberdeen from the league table and replace their name with Rangers*. Then we will be runners-up, and Aberdeen’s cycle of success will be at an end.”

Caixinha’s plan may be eye-catching, but it is only the beginning.

“I also like the Aberdeen kit. I would like to buy it and have my team play in it next season. Their UEFA Super Cup would also look nice in my office. Their cones are excellent and would be great cones with which to train. Especially with Aberdeen training bibs.

“Their bus is a bus of quality and I desire that to be the Rangers* team bus. I have also often thought about the Aberdeen corner flags and think they could be a valuable addition to our facilities.

“The white lines marking the Aberdeen pitch are a thing of beauty and I would love to have them on my pitch. But I feel they look their very best within the Pittodrie stadium, so I aim to make that Rangers* new home ground. 

And finally, I also like Mr McInnes’ beard. It is a dramatic beard. I aim to remove it from his face and glue it to my own.”

Unfortunately, however, even the ambitious Caixinha knows that there are limits to his Aberdeen ambitions.

“I also hope to acquire Mr McInnes’ smile, but no one has ever seen it.”


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Sevco: Saviours Of The British Empire

IMG_3938Good Afternoon.

This ‘column’ won’t appear in any Scottish sports pages in the near future….


Globetrotting Rangers* Starlets Can Rebuild An Empire

Rangers’* decision to opt out of next season’s Development League could pay dividends for the Light Blues, and change the world says our columnist.

By A. Nostalgia-Fest

As with all things coming out of Scotland’s biggest club, the bold choice to withdraw from next year’s Development League has got everyone talking. Less-informed commentators have suggested that it is a sign of cost-cutting and a wish to avoid further embarrassment at the hands of domestic rivals.

But that is far from the truth. Rangers remain a massive institution with ambitions to match. By looking beyond the narrow horizons of Scotland, the brave and valiant young Gers* have an opportunity to play the best* teams in their age group. And rebuild the British Empire.

Especially rebuild the British Empire.

With no expense being spared, the Auchenhowie Auxiliaries can have a kickabout in every country to which they hitchhike before attempting to take control of local TV and radio stations and seize key infrastructure.

It is understood that the Rangers* commercial department has struck a deal whereby in return for an extra-loud round of applause at the next Armed Forces Day, the Royal Navy will loan the Auchehowie Auxilliaries a bathtub from one of their bases. The plan is to transform it into a terrifying vessel going by the name HMS Dignity and undertake amphibious landings around the world.

The Royal Air Force is also prepared to loan the heroes a sheet of A4 paper. This can be made into an aeroplane which with to undertake pre-invasion reconnaissance.

The British Army is also going to do its bit by offering the services of General Calamity. Assisted by Major Deficit, the General will offer expertise in strategic planning befitting the world’s most successful club.

Rangers’* critics can be expected to attack the initiative as a backward-looking exercise symptomatic of yearning for a bygone age and a misplaced superiority complex. Which isn’t easy for me to write without help from an adult.

However, such unreasonable assessments fail to see the bigger picture. At least a quarter of the globe needs to be turned red again, and Rangers’* young players need to have a change of scene away from the over- familiarity of the middle of the Development League table.

Onwards to victory! For Queen, Empire and the odd game of football if they can find anyone willing to play them.



NB Remember folks, it’s just a bit of fun…

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Honestly NOT Going For 55

Good Evening.

The Clumpany laughed out loud when it read the following comments from Kenny ‘Three Old Firm Clubs’ Miller in the Daily Record today.

Rangers ace Kenny Miller insists club can copy Celtic blueprint to become a force again

Are we seriously expected to believe that all that ‘Going for 55’ nonsense was just a bit of self-aware banter?

That massive tifo? 

The comments from those associated with Sevco?

The acres and acres of coverage about how Rangers were ‘back’ and going for yet another title?

The pundits who told us with not a flicker of embarrassment or sarcasm that they fancied Sevco to win the league (and Joey Barton to be Player of the Year)?

That was all done for a laugh and no one really believed it?

Aye right. And my middle names are ‘Fearless Scottish Football Media’.

The Sevco we all know and love seems to be a ‘club’ based upon a very simple but epic lie: that it is Rangers, with all the baggage that brings.

The ‘history’ of sometimes questionable success.

The trophies acquired by various expedients. Some of which were on the pitch.

The massive sense of entitlement.

The colossal misplaced superiority complex.

An expectation of steamrolling everything in its path.

The spending of ‘whatever it takes’ to win, win and win again.

And all of it is supported by a press pack which is shamefully delighted to swallow the lie and pretend that the souped-up David Murray juggernaut is still alive and well and on the brink of conquering all before it, while the governing bodies pretty much acquiesce. It may all be an act – and indeed a spectacular sham – but it is completely sincere and utterly heartfelt. 

These folk all NEED to believe that Rangers are still with us and set to dominate. Because without that belief, their identity and various commercial prospects may be threatened.

The ‘Rangers* for another title’ noise at the beginning of the season was an insult to our intelligence and 276 stiffed creditors, including every single taxpayer and user of public services in the U.K.

The one thing it WASN’T was a bit of banter.

Which is why we know that despite the affected indifference of Kenny Miller and others, they are really really hurting.

Which is a shame.

As a great philosopher once said: GIRUY. 😉


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Skeletor Could Be The Man To Fix Things Says Kris Void

Good Evening.

Not appearing in the Sunday column of noted limbo-dancer Kris Void anytime soon…


Skeletor Could Be The Man To Fix Things Says Kris Void

The people of Eternia loathe him for causing chaos, but Skeletor could be just the man to transform the fortunes of Rangers* says Kris Void.

Some Gers* fans can’t even bring themselves to look at the league table these days as things get worse for their side, and the gap to Celtic gets bigger. So now it may be time for a dramatic shake-up in the boardroom.

Skeletor has the potential to make all their troubles go away with his evil nature, wicked plans and army of mutant sidekicks.

I know some Rangers* fans will be worried about the prospect of a fictional cartoon villain taking control of that magnificent institution, but it can’t be any worse than what they currently have, and it might even turn out to be a better bet for an exciting, maniacal laughter-filled future.

And what my old club needs right now is someone who can unlock the secrets of Castle Grayskull and possibly find its deeds. They might then be able to get a mortgage on it and buy some better players.

It has to be worth a try.

Because the way I see it, He-Man needs to be crushed underfoot, and Rangers* need a new team. Skeletor could kill two birds with one stone.

I have to hold up my hands and say I backed Dave King when he took over the club two years ago. But he hasn’t delivered on his promises and things seem to be going backwards.

Skeletor can bring some strong leadership to the table and will command respect from the rest of Scottish football.

And having a base in Eternia would be a great advantage if the lads get drawn against a side from there in the Europa League.

Skeletor himself is a well-known Bluenose, despite not having a nose, and a successful Rangers* can help to raise his own profile as he tries to undertake a war of conquest. He might also fancy sitting on a few SFA committees where the club has been unrepresented for several years.

I honestly don’t see any down sides to this idea. It’s a clear win-win.

Apart from if Skeletor’s half-baked plans come unstuck because of incompetence and lack of resources, and everyone associated with him ends up being humiliated. As usual.

But this is Rangers*, and that sort of thing could never happen, could it?


And if you think that the above idea is ridiculous, check out this one…


NB Remember folks, it’s just a bit of fun…

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Dave King And Stewart Regan: The Truth

Good Evening.

The Clumpany has obtained a transcript of the meeting which Dave King and Stewart Regan held last week when the Sevco Supremo seemingly jetted in to Glasgow for the Craig Whyte court case, only to be stood down. A meeting which was belatedly reported by Roddy Forsyth in today’s Telegraph, and which took place against the backdrop of:

  • The ‘going concern’ warning in Sevco’s accounts.
  • Sevco’s need for a UEFA licence.
  • Dave King facing a Court of Session hearing in which the Takeover Panel will seek enforcement action following his failure to make an offer for RIFC shares not owned by the concert party he is deemed to have led.
  • Sevco facing potentially costly further litigation about their commercial relationship with Sports Direct. 
  • The Craig White trial, which may relate to a different ‘club’, but which still creates waves for the latest Ibrox outfit.
  • Questions being asked about the state of Ibrox.
  • Etc etc etc

So here is the transcript of the meeting, which was passed to The Clumpany by an anonymous source:


SR: “Hi Dave. How’s things?”

DK: “Fine Stewart. Yourself?”

SR: “Not so bad Dave. Mustn’t grumble.”

DK: “Are you still following the cricket? It’s been a few years now.”

SR: “Well it never really leaves you Dave. Would you like some tea?”

DK: “That would be very nice Stewart. Thank you.”

SR: “Jammie Dodger?”

DK: “I beg your pardon?”

SR: “BISCUIT Dave. A Jammie Dodger BISCUIT. Unless you’d like chocolate? Fruit and Nut?”

DK: “No, I haven’t brought any of the fans with me.”

SR: “Well do help yourself from the plate. Nice weather we are having?”

DK: “Well it is certainly different to South Africa, but it is definitely warm for Glasgow.”

SR: “Is that a new tie, Dave?”

DK: “No, I have had it for some time.”

SR: “New suit?”

DK: “Yes it is. I tried a new tailor. I think the jacket reaches a very favourable settlement over my shoulders.”

SR: “You could say it FITS and it’s a PROPER suit. Ha ha!”

DK: “Yes you could say that, Stewart. If you really felt the need. How is the SFA at the moment?”

SR: “Oh you know, ups and downs, ups and downs. When are you going back to South Africa?”

DK: “After this meeting.”

SR: “You aren’t staying for the game against Celtic?”

DK: “Places to go and people to see Stewart. You know how it is.”

SR: “I do Dave. I do. Another tea before you go?”

DK: “No I am fine thanks, Stewart. Anyway, it was good to see you. Hope to see you again at some point soon.”

SR: “You too Dave. You too. See you later.”

DK: “Goodbye Stewart.”

SR: “Goodbye Dave.”


So there you have it. Conclusive proof that Dave King and the Chief Executive of the Scottish Football Assocition were not focusing on any weighty matters, but were simply discussing general topics on an informal basis, as mentioned by Roddy Forsyth:


Sadly General Topics was unavailable for comment, although The Clumpany understands that he may attend the next Armed Forces Day at Ibrox.