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A Tribute To Sevco’s Three-In-A-Row

Good Evening.

Earlier today, The Clumpany had an off-the record pint with one of the MSM’s finest. I say I ‘had a pint with…’, but that’s a bit of an exaggeration.

We sat down to have a pint together, but then he spent most of the time in the toilet. It was either that or actually piss himself with excitement at Sevco winning a third league game in a row for the first time in ages.

I suspect it is – in reality – a comparatively short period of time since the Ibrox outfit won three league matches in a row. However, if I try and quantify that time period I know someone in the Sevcosphere will try and shout me down about a pretend ‘glorious LONG LONG LONG history’, or some such bullshit.

So let’s not bother on this occasion…

Despite his toilet-based absence, I did glean from my associate that he planned to spend his entire Monday paying tribute to Rangers* being back* by winning three (games)-in-a-row.

  • He will put three – yes THREE – Shredded Wheat in his bowl tomorrow morning. Yes he will put them back in the packet and have a slice of toast instead, but it’s all about the MASSIVE STATEMENT OF INTENT, isn’t it?
  • He will be playing a triangle all day, no matter what the situation.
  • He will forgo every meal and every drink and have triple whiskies in place of them. It will be Tesco whisky, but he is quite prepared to assert that it is a VERY expensive single malt.
  • He will watch DVDs of all three of Sevco’s unsuccessful Petrofac Cup campaigns. This will remind him that the establishment will stop at nothing to do the Gers* down, making his ‘crusading’ journalistic efforts vital!
  • He will ‘prove’ that all three of Celtic’s trophies last season were won by cheating.
  • He will say “State Aid” three times in an article, and hope that a vengeful European Commissioner will appear and lay waste to Celtic Park.
  • He will implore his editor to let him deposit a bodily fluid on page three, or in the third minute of any broadcast output.
  • He will enjoy a threesome (subject to the outcome and reception of all of the above).

OK, he won’t experience a threesome… 😉

Watch this space for further updates…



NB Remember folks, it’s just a bit of fun…

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Aberdeen: Know Your Place

Good Evening.

Here is some possibly satirical ‘news’ from the world of local planning.


Aberdeen needs a strong Planning Department, says expert.

The Pittodrie side’s plans for a new stadium and associated bright future deserve a self-interested and resolute planning department. That is the opinion of top Scottish football expert and qualified planner Dr. T. Clumpany.

By A. Thumbs-Down

Aberdeen Football Club have been given some firm advice by one of the ‘top’ pundits and planners in Scotland as they try to relocate to a brand new stadium.

Dr T. Clumpany – who didn’t have any certificates of qualification to hand – says that Aberdeen have to look at the bigger picture when planning their move away from Pittodrie.

“It’s quite clear” said Dr Clumpany “You can complain about the requirements and opposition of the planning authorities as much as you like. But they are ultimately looking out for what is best for them and any other bullshit wider issues they choose to highlight.

“You can’t blame them for that. Yes it is disappointing, and we all know that Aberdeen wouldn’t conduct themselves in that sort of way. They would take a more sensible view and try to avoid unnecessary disturbance.

“We all understand that Aberdeen want to look to a bright future and to build sustainably while playing by the rules. But when push comes to shove we all ultimately want to see a strong planning department get its way.

“And if that means them trampling over the aspirations, hard work and fair play of Aberdeen Football Club, then that’s absolutely fine. Aberdeen need to know their place and bow to a higher power. In fact, they should just move on. By staying put at Pittodrie.”

Aberdeen Chairman Stewart Milne was unavailable for comment. However, we couldn’t help but notice his recent remarks to the BBC, which made many folk rub their chins thoughtfully.

“We’ve always had a very good relationship with Rangers, we’ll work hard to make sure that we come through and relations are strengthened as we move forward. We all want to see a strong Rangers, we need that for Scottish football, and the sooner they fill their vacancy and get a good manager in and strengthen the whole set up, that’s in the interests of Scottish football.”

A spokesperson for Aberdeen fans looked somewhat… err… sheepish when asked about their Chairman’s comments.



NB Remember folks, it’s just a bit of fun…

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Derek McInnes: A Total Loser

Good Evening.

The Clumpany has had a sneak preview of a fictitious article which won’t actually appear in a newspaper tomorrow…


Loser McInnes Knocks Back Gers* Charity

The Aberdeen boss has let his family and himself down by refusing to accept Rangers’* generosity.

By U. Turn

Underperforming failure Derek McInnes reverted to type last night as he spurned Rangers’* charitable offer to let him be their next manager.

In a move that surprised no one – least of all this paper, which never fancied the Aberdeen manager for the biggest job in football – McInnes bottled the chance of a lifetime and opted to remain at the backwater that is Aberdeen FC.

A source close to Rangers* confirmed that McInnes had only been offered the job because Ibrox board members have a big heart and an unrelenting commitment to helping those less fortunate.

“Derek was given the opportunity because the board felt sorry for him having to turn up every day and put a shift in at lowly Aberdeen” said our insider.

“No one actually wanted him to have the job, but their good nature got the better of them and they made Derek a big money offer with the promise of a huge transfer budget to topple Celtic.

“But he didn’t fancy it. I haven’t actually seen Derek’s underwear, but I have no doubt it was soiled when he thought about the honour of managing Rangers*. He’s a loser and Rangers* have had a narrow escape. Especially as they never wanted him anyway.”

In recent weeks this paper brought you a series of exclusives about how completely unsuitable McInnes was for the Ibrox hot seat, and our top team repeatedly cautioned the Light Blues against taking on such a hopeless individual.

Our prediction that McInnes would never be the Rangers* manager came true last night when a clearly-relieved Aberdeen published a statement confirming that he would remain at Pittodrie as a key part of their pursuit of mediocrity.

Rangers* fans meanwhile have taken to social media to confirm that their board is absolutely correct in everything it does, and also to celebrate the club’s lucky escape.

One fan, @NotReallyJTraynor commented “The board has played a blinder once again. No one wanted McInnes. The millions can be spent backing a proper manager”.

Rangers* are yet to identify their preferred candidate, but our mindless headlines in support of whatever bizarre course of action they take next are already prepared.

Fuck Derek McInnes.



NB Remember folks, it’s just a bit of fun…

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And The New Sevco Manager Is…

Good Evening.

The Clumpany just spent a highly illuminating few minutes discussing the Sevco managerial situation with one of the MSM’s finest…

Prepare to be shocked as the revelations come thick and fast…


TC: “So what’s the story with the next Sevco manager? Why is it taking such a long time to appoint someone?”

MSM: “Because it is. That’s all you need to know.”

TC: “Yeah, but they must have some names in the frame?”

MSM: “They do.”

TC: “More than one?”

MSM: “Of course. In fact they have been looking at a number of people for a while.”

TC: “Well-known people?”

MSM: “Top people.”

TC: “Top people?”

MSM: “TOP people.”

TC: “Can you elaborate?”

MSM: “I could.”

TC: “But will you?”

MSM: “No.”

TC: “Why not?”

MSM: “Because.”

TC: “But aren’t you in the business of covering Scottish football and drumming up interest in your employer’s output?”

MSM: “I am.”

TC: “So isn’t the Sevco manager’s position newsworthy?”

MSM: “It is. In fact few things are MORE newsworthy.”

TC: “So who are the runners and riders?”

MSM: “People. A number of them.”

TC: “You don’t actually have a clue do you?”

MSM: “I do.”

TC: “So tell me who they are then.”

MSM: “You wouldn’t understand.”

TC: “Try me.”

MSM: “No. I am not going to engage in tittle-tattle with you.”

TC: “Isn’t that part of your job description?”

MSM: “You will hear the news when there is news to hear.”

TC: “So there is no news at the moment? Nothing’s happening? WEEKS after Pedro left.”

MSM: “Oh it’s all happening.”

TC: “Is it?”

MSM: “Yes.”

TC: “What’s happening, exactly?”

MSM: “Stuff. Loads of it.”

TC: “But Derek McInnes IS a contender isn’t he? It’s been all over the papers. And discussed on the TV and radio until people’s eyes and ears started bleeding.”

MSM: “Well yes, he is clearly someone the board is interested in.”

TC: “Well why don’t they actually try to get him?”

MSM: “They might. There’s no rush.”

TC: “I don’t think anyone will accuse Sevco of rushing.”

MSM: “It is important to take time over this decision.”

TC: “What is there to decide? McInnes has done well at Aberdeen. He’s a Rangers* man, and a known-quantity who is likely to be a safe pair of hands.”

MSM: “Errr well.”

TC: “Is it money? Can’t Sevco even afford McInnes?”

MSM: “Errr.”

TC: “It is, isn’t it? They can’t afford him.”

MSM: “Errr…”

TC: “They can’t afford him despite the over-investment, war chest and children’s inheritance all being at the board’s disposal?”

MSM: “Errr…”

TC: “That would be quite a story wouldn’t it?”

MSM: “Errr…”

TC: “I’m surprised it’s not a big splash in the newspapers. Levelling with the fans that Sevco are maybe just a bit too skint to get the obvious choice in as manager.”

MSM: “Errr…”

TC: “It makes you wonder who they will end up with. If anyone. Ever.”

MSM: “Look. It’s all in hand and the board is just taking its time to make the right appointment. You’ll be able to read all about how exciting the appointment is when it happens.”

TC: “But what if it ISN’T exciting?”

MSM: “It will be.”

TC: “And what if it turns out to be a bargain-basement appointment that stinks so badly of financial trouble that Sevco has to appoint an air freshener as the Number Two?”

MSM: “It won’t be.”

TC: “How do you know that?”

MSM: “Because I am a serious sports journalist, and you aren’t.”



NB Remember folks, it’s just a bit of fun…

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Derek Johnstone: ‘Caveman’

Good Evening.

First of all, please ignore my previous blog. That was nothing to do with me.

Secondly, let’s get down to business. Apparently legendary football analyst Derek Johnstone – the man who possibly thinks ‘forensic’ is a vomiting illness – has been on a hypothetical cave-exploring holiday. 😉

And what amazing luck that he should find evidence in support of his completely unprecedented board-backing view that it is absolutely right that Sevco should take a long time – a LOOOONG time – in appointing the [*cough cough*] right manager for the biggest job in all of Big Jobbydom.

Sources close to Fantasy Island have told The Clumpany “DJ couldn’t believe it. He was down in the ancient caves boring his guide to death about how the Sevco board is absolutely right in everything it does. He must have said ‘a club like Rangers*’, ‘Dave King’ and ‘back where we… err… THEY belong’ a hundred times each.

“Then he started talking about the managerial vacancy at Sevco, and about how the board didn’t want to rush into making a costly appointment.

“DJ stressed that ‘costly’ meant Rangers* potentially losing matches under the wrong man rather than Dave King having to find actual money to get someone in. Because Dave has lots of money, and anyone who suggests otherwise is clearly not a genuine Rangers* fan.

“And just as the tour guide was about to turn them around to go back to what he apparently described as ‘somewhere out of earshot of this high-pitched buffoon’, DJ swore blind that he could see a very old cave painting.

“This came as a surprise to the tour guide as he’d never seen any paintings in this part of the caves during a 30-year career. However, DJ was adamant that he could definitely see a picture of men throwing spears at bison and underneath someone had clearly written ‘Rangers shouldn’t target a manager as frantically as these People are chasing bison. The board should take its time’.

“The guide challenged DJ to point out exactly where this painting and writing was and said DJ could actually touch the walls if needed, even though that isn’t usually allowed. He also explained to DJ that cavemen couldn’t write the English language or indeed any words, so he was probably just seeing things.

“But DJ wasn’t having any of it. He said that Rangers* was an historic club and its reputation was clearly timeless. Even the cavemen knew it was important for a club like Rangers* to take all the time in the world to make the correct managerial appointment.”

When informed of DJ’s ‘discovery’, a SSB spokesperson refused to confirm that a caveman tale of a bygone age had no place on a flagship football phone-in.


NB Remember folks, it’s just a bit of satirical fun…

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A Tribute To Sevco Fandom


Good Afternoon.

Many of you will have woken up today to the shocking realisation that you had been blocked by an outfit you had never heard of.

The Clumpany wishes you well during this difficult time and offers this little ditty to the tune of ‘We Are Family’ to help ease your discomfort. 😉


We’re Gers* Family

We’re Gers* family
I got all my block lists with me
We’re Gers* family
Get stuffed every Timmy tweet!
We’re Gers* family
I got all my block lists with me
We’re Gers* family
Get stuffed every Timmy tweet!

Everyone can see what we’re doin’
Yeah we walked on by
And, and we cry now our club’s just a ruin
Li-quid-a-tion lie
All, all of the People around us they pray
“Can Rangers* get close?”
Just stick with our made-up records
We’re feeling rage over our new club woes

We’re Gers* family
I got all my block lists with me
We’re Gers* family
Get stuffed every Timmy tweet!
We’re Gers* family
I got all my block lists with me
We’re Gers* family
Get stuffed every Timmy tweet!

Fifty-five is fucked, no creditor luck
We get nae piece, of fitba’s delights,
Shite, shite hopes we don’t have much future
Another board loan’s in sight
Glee? No glee but we’re depressed
Here’s our dead club-denial rule
Complain ‘bout you and the things you do
We don’t do wrong, oh-no
Liquidation’s just for fools

We’re Gers* family
I got all my block lists with me
We’re Gers* family
Get stuffed every Timmy tweet!
We’re Gers* family
I got all my block lists with me
We’re Gers* family
Get stuffed every Timmy tweet!

We’re Gers* family
I got all my block lists with me
We’re Gers* family
Get stuffed every Timmy tweet!


With apologies to Sister Sledge, here is the original…


NB Remember folks, it’s just a bit of fun…


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A Sevco Managerial Update

Sevco has received numerous applications

Club* Statement [*Because this isn’t about the bad stuff]

The club confirms that since the departure of Pedro Caixinha a number of seconds have passed, as have a few minutes, more than a couple of hours, and indeed some whole days.

The Earth has continued to orbit the Sun, and the Moon has also orbited the Earth. We’ve had days and nights. And nights and days. Jeremy Kyle has been on the TV, as has This Morning, and Bargain Hunt too. Oh, and let’s not forget the soaps. Have you seen the absolute state of them recently? Bring back Arthur Fowler and Ena Sharples, that’s what we say!

We’ve had a few cups of tea. A couple of times we also had some biscuits. Custard Creams they were. And they were very tasty! Although we did laugh when one of us went to get Custard Creams from the cupboard but accidentally came back with Rich Tea biscuits!

Absolute scenes.

Anyway, lots has been happening in terms of getting a new manager in. Lots of things. Too many to list. There will also be lots of activity next week as well. Too much to detail here. We wouldn’t wish to bore you.

By the way, we see there are some good films on at the cinema at the moment, and the weather’s been pretty decent for this time of year. We might go for a walk at some point soon. Perhaps pop into a nice pub for a drink afterwards. You can’t beat it! A couple of us are thinking of buying new cars so we might also visit a few showrooms and see what takes our fancy. Maybe have a round of golf too when we have finished.

It sounds great doesn’t it? Anyway, just to say that the club will consider all possible options available to it when it comes to a new manager. We might even think about a football manager this time.  We haven’t interviewed anybody yet, but we will take our time to ensure a decision is made. At some point.

Anyone fancy a Custard Cream?


For further updates on these exciting non-developments, fellow Clumpaneers may also wish to read this: Rangers* Club Statement

NB Remember folks, it’s just a bit of fun…