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Dembele: My Champions League Wantaway Hell

Dembele apparently cuts an increasingly-isolated figure at Celtic

Good Morning.

The Clumpany wouldn’t say that the MSM are already keen to sell Moussa Dembele on Celtic’s behalf, but I understand the following article may be coming to a news outlet near you very soon…


Dembele: my Champions League wantaway hell! “Celtic are holding me back” says star striker.

Brendan Rodgers has resigned himself to losing star striker Moussa Dembele following his brace against Manchester City on Wednesday night.

The 20-year old has netted regularly since joining the Hoops from Fulham in a four year deal over the summer, having started his career aged 16 with Paris Saint-Germain. 

His latest eye-catching performance at Europe’s top table had an army of scouts at Celtic Park drooling. Now Dembele is set to break fans’ hearts by slapping in a transfer request and moving to a top club in January. 

But the Celtic manager, who has rejuvenated the Parkhead side since taking over, already knows his long-term plans are in meltdown. Sources suggested to MadeUpNews.com that during heated scenes in the manager’s office, Dembele told Rodgers that he was leaving as soon as possible because “he couldn’t take Celtic any further”. 

Our source revealed “It’s nothing personal. Dembele likes Brendan but he feels that being at Celtic is holding him back. He knows he can’t carry the side any longer without it damaging his career. Brendan is furious as he know his board will take the money and run.”

Should Dembele leave as expected in the New Year, MadeUpNews.com understands it is likely to spark an exodus of Celtic’s recent signings. And in a doomsday scenario for the Scottish Champions, Rodgers himself will undoubtedly question whether the time has come to jump ship and seek another club. 

“If Rodgers goes it will be straight back to the Ronny Deila era in terms of tactics and team performance” said our source. “The fans will walk away in droves, and this season will probably be the last time we ever see Celtic in the Champions League. Having been completely humiliated, Dermot Desmond isn’t likely to stick his neck out and allow the recruitment of a high profile manager or great players ever again.”

Celtic’s likely collapse in the second half of this season will be welcome news for their title rivals who feared being in the shadows for many years. It is understood that they have already been approached by a number of open-top bus providers with a view to staging a trophy parade in May.

Celtic and Brendan Rodgers declined requests for a comment on our story. So it must be true. Mustn’t it?!



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The Scottish Football Supporters Survey 2016

Good Evening.

Back in March, The Clumpany wrote a blog about the launch of Supporters Direct Scotland’s (SDS) ‘Scottish Football Supporters Survey 2016′.

Surveying The Damage?

The survey was conducted “in partnership with the Scottish FA and supported by the SPFL”.

SDS were kind enough to draw my attention to the outcome of the survey, which was published on 27 September, and I am very happy to share it with you in the interests of raising awareness and promoting debate.

You can read the outcome by clicking on this link:

Scottish Football Supporters Survey Results Revealed

I could not locate any other documents or a ‘full detailed report’. However, the key findings – compiled following the receipt of over 14,000 responses – were as follows:

“When asked about admission and ticket prices, 69.73% felt Scottish football represented either poor or very poor value with just 4.54% believing it was good value.

Supporters felt the introduction of safe standing would improve the match-day experience with 79% stating so.

Ticket prices were seen as the biggest factor in influencing a supporter’s decision whether to attend a game

Participants were very much in favour of a controlled pilot scheme to consider the reintroduction of alcohol in a responsible manner with 67% in favour.

Survey participants were generally positive about the impact of SPFL league restructuring, the introduction of play-offs and the introduction of the pyramid system

A vast majority of supporters were in favour of adopting a form of Financial Fair Play (over 80%).

Three divisions was by far the most popular (53.7%) league structure with four divisions (24%) and two divisions (17%) the second and third most popular respectively.

Participants did not feel the Judicial Process was fair with 53% of participants stating so.

Supporters were seemingly not concerned about match fixing within Scottish football with just 37.88% stating they were either slightly or very concerned about the matter.

Participants felt greater education of the issues of sectarianism, racism, sexism and homophobia within Scottish football was required with 73% stating so.

There was an overwhelmingly response from participants in favour of their club paying the Living Wage to staff with just 3.04% not in favour of it.”

At the time of the survey’s launch, The Clumpany said the following:

“Questions 12, 13 and 20 [of the survey] are perhaps the most interesting as far as I am concerned. 

They provide an opportunity to comment on the extent to which you think the SFA is committed to ‘Improved governance of the game’, ‘Ensuring clubs are well run’ and ‘Stronger financial regulations’ as well as whether you are ‘optimistic about the future of Scottish football’, and ‘concerned about match-fixing in Scotland’.”

The survey’s findings on Financial Fair Play, the Judicial Panel process and match-fixing address some of the issues raised by these questions. And we are told that the respondents’ three priorities for the SFA are as follows

  1. Promoting Scottish football;
  2. Increasing grassroots participation; and 
  3. Improving refereeing standards.

However, I struggled to find anything which could be viewed as squarely about the sort governance issues that are often a focus of this blogs and much online commentary from Scottish football fans. For example: the fitness for purpose of the SFA and SPFL themselves, their even-handedness, their commitment to justice being done and being seen to be done in response to misdeeds, and the effectiveness of their licensing practices etc. You know the sort of thing: substantial matters which ultimately determine whether Scottish football is an actual sport or not!

At the very least, it would be interesting to know what proportion of survey respondents felt that “the SFA is committed to ‘Improved governance of the game’” as per one of its questions. Far be it from me to be cynical, but I suspect that if the results were poor, the SFA would not be keen on them being highlighted!

Looking ahead, SDS have apparently agreed with the Scottish FA and SPFL to present three key ‘asks’ as a consequence of its survey which it will challenge Scottish football to consider. They are as follows:

Innovation around ticket pricing – SDS want to support a more innovative approach to ticket prices and matchday value. We recognise that revenue cannot drop at our clubs, nor would supporters want to see that impacted on the park. We do believe there are more creative pricing strategies that can be introduced, delivering wider choice at both ends of the pricing scale. SDS also believes we can work with clubs to assess how to add genuine, meaningful value to match-days and open to that process of dialogue and support.

Fan focused approach – SDS would like to see supporters more central to decision making processes, by those that govern the game, both from within (governing bodies) and externally (local authorities, police and other external agencies, and Scottish Government). This means taking a more “customer focused” approach to the game we love, from police and stewarding. We also want to see the introduction of a test pilot around family friendly in-stadium bars (which already exist) that don’t require fans to come in and leave, before re-entering the stadium.

Kick-off times – We recognise the significant annual investment TV companies make into Scottish Football.We’re also sure that low attendances don’t look great as a TV spectacle. SDS wants to build a direct relationship with Sky Sports, BT Sport and BBC Scotland with a regular course of meetings. We know there must always be compromises, but we believe there’s a real opportunity for us to work together to promote the game we love.”

This is of course laudable stuff, although I would have hoped to see the tackling of “issues of sectarianism, racism, sexism and homophobia within Scottish football” (which 73% of respondents were concerned about) make the final cut. These things should have absolutely NO PLACE in our game and ought to be a priority for all involved. 

However, no matter which key ‘asks’ are highlighted by SDS, they are only as good as the degree to which they are put into action. And at the moment, the rather bland initial responses of Messers Regan and Doncaster do not fill me with confidence:

Stewart Regan, Scottish FA chief executive said:

“The Scottish Football Survey gives fans an opportunity to have their say on the issues that matter most. I am delighted that so many have responded and we will work to ensure that the views of the supporters are heard and acted upon.

We are now in the second year of the Scottish FA Congress – the only forum where all stakeholders within the game are represented – and Supporters Direct Scotland will present this year’s results to that group with a view to the key issues featuring in our Convention in December.

The Scottish Football Survey has already helped influence change with the creation of the single league body, the introduction of play-offs and the creation of the Scottish football pyramid.

We have worked closely with the Scottish Government and SDS to ensure greater supporter involvement in the game and, to that end, the Congress will also hear a presentation on the benefits of a more co-ordinated approach to implementing the role of Supporter Liaison Officers throughout the senior game.”

SPFL chief executive Neil Doncaster commented:

“Through the Scottish Football Supporters Survey, we have an excellent opportunity to hear the views of fans and use them to make a positive impact on all areas of the game.

This platform means results from the survey are fed straight to the game’s decision makers. The survey tells us and our members what the game means to fans, what they enjoy and what changes they would most like to see.

The age of social media has given supporters a voice like never before and that is demonstrated by the sheer number of participants in this year’s survey.

This volume of data and feedback will help us move forward with a product that is exciting to existing fans and a new generation of supporters. Without fans, there is no game.

The SPFL and our clubs will continue to do everything we can to look after existing fans, listen to their opinions and open the game up to new fans. This survey is one way of doing that.”


That said, it would be churlish not to give them the space to try and do something constructive in response. I hope SDS will be suitably scathing if they feel the governing bodies end up dragging their heels. 

I also hope that SDS have noted continuing fan concerns about the governance of the game in Scotland since their survey was launched, and will look at ways to consider these issues in future. 

The sort of matters raised by the Offshore Game report might be a good place to start.


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A Great Football Philosopher Speaks

Good Afternoon. 

What an absolute joy it was to watch Celtic play Manchester City on Wednesday night. At the end of the game just a single point was won, but the nature of the Celtic performance was very uplifting and provided great cause for optimism as they continue their journey 

  • in this season’s Champions League; and
  • along the longer-term path of rebuilding and development which Brendan Rodgers has spoken about. 

Rodgers has been absolutely clear that Celtic are far from being the finished article, and we would do well to remember that. However, Wednesday’s performance against an English Premier League side who are led by one of the world’s best managers and who had been unstoppable so far this season felt very significant indeed.

Celtic gave as good as they got – and then some – on the big stage and enthralled a truly remarkable crowd in a way that harked back to some great nights of yesteryear. Given Celtic’s European struggles of the past two seasons it almost felt like an extremely unlikely treat, but a welcome one nevertheless! 

A big well done to everyone involved for putting a smile on our faces, getting a great result and for reminding the world that Celtic and Scottish football haven’t gone away. 

More of the same against Borussia Mönchengladbach please!

It would be remiss of me not to remind you all that Wednesday’s performance and result was a great big GIRUY to one of the most ridiculous articles ever published about Scottish football. The piece in question appeared in the Evening Shark-Jump on 19 September 2016 and contained these immortal words:

“When it comes to European football, we just don’t bring anything to the table these days.”

“Let’s make other friends and go to a different party instead.”

Oops! [NB see Let’s Not Bother With The Champions League for the full, breathtaking wibblery.]

Meanwhile, The Warbmeister has made a bid to join the ranks of football’s great philosophers. The Evening Shark-Jump reports the former City Trader stating:

“We need to put the ball in the back of the net. Possession is nothing without goals.”

Wow! Who knew?!

It’s not exactly “football is nothing without fans” though, is it?!

Warbo’s incisive comments came in a piece which appeared to show a manager still feeling the pressure of a poor start of the season:

“MARK WARBURTON admits his summer recruits are still coming to terms with life in Glasgow as they look to get up to speed this term. The Englishman added eleven players to his squad for Rangers’ return to the Premiership but has seen his side struggle in the opening weeks of the season.”

“And Warburton reckons it will take time for his players to adjust to the scrutiny they are under at Ibrox. He said: ‘What they’re dealing with, in a very polite way, is you guys. Clint Hill with his vast experience and where he’s played at, Niko vastly experienced internationally as well, they are staggered by the amount of focus on Rangers and Celtic. 

But that’s Glasgow. It takes some getting used to. It’s a goldfish bowl and it takes some getting used to. Every goal is scrutinised, every miss is scrutinised. I had a guest in from Fleet Street earlier in the week. I won’t say who but he was a decent guy, a big guy who came up and was staggered that there was 20 odd pages on the Aberdeen game.

He couldn’t get his head round it and he is a senior sports writer. But it is Glasgow. It’s Rangers. It’s the stature of the club. It’s the size of the club.People come from clubs down south and it’s hard to realise the size and the scale of Rangers until you get here and you do the media and you read the papers every day.’

‘You guys have lived it all your lives but if you come from outside, it’s different. When Tottenham play Arsenal, there will be a bit in the Evening Standard and a little bit in the Daily Mail and then it’s on to the next thing because there are so many other teams in London and England. But here, the scrutiny and the focus is more on the team. And whatever you say, it does take time to adjust to it. That’s the honest truth’.”

Warbo appears unfamiliar with the English Premier League as the rest of humanity understands it. That is a league  where every bowel movement, tactical gamble and goal of the leading sides is subjected to trial by Sky Sports News and covered in mind-bogglingly tedious detail by the written press. Indeed, anyone might think from all the noise around it that it is a multi-billion pound industry followed by millions of people around the world. Unlike Sevco…

Even outside the Premier League you have Newcastle United. Now there’s a circus upon which the local press are utterly fixated! Day after day after day…

Not for the first time, Warbo seems uncomfortable with media scrutiny and criticism, despite having the luxury of the most sympathetic press pack in the world on his doorstep. I note that the Evening Shark-Jump does not consider why Celtic’s new signings appear to have settled into the Glasgow-based football much more easily than Warbo’s. Perhaps Brendan Rodgers has just been lucky? Or perhaps his side have simply been playing winning football?

Warbo has previously said that people have advised him not to read the papers. He might do well to heed that advice and pass it on to the players who he says are being (goldfish) bowled-over by it. Personally speaking, I hope he doesn’t. Purely in the interests of comedy, you understand…

Finally… The Clumpany would just like to say how much it enjoyed the Daily Record’s take on Warbo’s comments:

Does a goldfish bowl actually have a “deep end?”

I fear not…


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Meet ‘Brand’ The Parrot

Good Morning.

News has reached Clumpany Towers that the Daily Record is set to launch a new mascot for its Sevco coverage. As I discussed last night, the Record seems hell-bent on bestowing equivalence upon Sevco and Celtic at all times, and especially when the Champions League rolls into town.

Distress Flares From The Daily Record?

Mind you, Sevco themselves aren’t averse  to riding on Celtic’s coattails…

Man City fans – revelling in bought success – are being invited to meet the Ghost Of Christmas Yet To Come…


In order to give their coverage a focus, a recognisable image and a bit of personality, all of the Record’s Sevco pieces will now be written by ‘Brand the Parrot’ whose mission statement will be ‘Doing Brand Parrotty Things, Both Night and Day!’.

[Yes. this IS a blog based around a groan-worthy pun… And Brand IS a Norwegian Blue… 😉].

Brand is current flying around Glasgow looking for a Champions League ‘angle’ to delight Sevco fans as Manchester City prepare to take on Celtic.

So far, Brand has squawked the following stories to Record Towers:

“The Champions League: A Family Affair for Rangers*! Guardiola eats in restaurant where David Weir’s aunt’s cousin once had a birthday party”.

“Guardiola’s Rangers* Obsession! Man City boss seen glancing at Record’s latest Ibrox exclusive”.

“Man City In Champions League Tribute To Rangers* Manager. Top players eat toasted Warburtons bread for breakfast”.

“Rangers’* Champions League Lift! Lee Wallace gets into elevator while reading about Man City’s ‘Old Firm’ contest”.

“Warbo’s Champions League Cash Bonanza As Club takes out discounted BT Sport subscription. Manager vows to spend savings on pizza during Celtic-City game”.

I am sure you will agree that Brand the Parrot looks set to deliver some truly gripping Sevco exclusives! Be sure to give a squawk if you see any of his articles in the Daily Record…



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Distress Flares From The Daily Record?

No pyro, no parity (of brands)

Good Evening.

Wow. Tonight The Clumpany finds itself wondering whether the Daily Record has 

  1. a newspaper tongue which it occasionally manages to put in its newspaper cheek; or perhaps 
  2. a deep compulsion – at an atomic level – to avoid remembering its own front page story about Rangers dying at its own hand

…and therefore feels the need to bestow some sort of brand parity on the Scottish Champions and the Premiership’s newest club. 

Shameless liquidation-denial commencing in 5, 4, 3…

Whatever the case, these two click bait-tastic slices of nonsense are absolutely glorious!

These pieces are so wonderful because they almost scream of a news outlet that feels compelled to keep the Rangers* brand in the public eye – and on an equal level to Celtic – by any means possible. Indeed they almost look like unwitting distress flares being sent up by a publication which knows the ‘awful’ truth…

Yes, a bookie does have Warbo listed as a slightly-less dramatic outsider for the England manager’s job than Brendan Rodgers. And Pep Guardiola did say the following about the upcoming Celtic v Manchester City Champions League tie:

“I saw the game against Rangers, how intense it was. It was completely different from Barcelona, when they were waiting and being passive. The Rangers game was so aggressive with high, high pressing. That is the game I am going to expect from Celtic here.”

But Guardiola most certainly did not suggest that Celtic are going to approach a Champions League fixture as if they are playing Sevco themselves, who they recently buried 5-1!

Fair play to the Daily Record if it is busting a gut to bestow international relevance on Sevco by any means necessary. But there really is no need for it. The world is already laughing at Sevco and the media’s fawning over them quite heartily enough, thank you. 


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Sevco’s “Excellent” Prospects

Good Evening.

It was good to see the struggling Warbolution given a celebrity endorsement today. And not just any celebrity. This was backing from a really hardnosed multi-billionaire who makes His Big Mikeness look like Father Christmas. A man who can make or break (but most probably break…) people with a sneer of disapproval or the releasing of dogs. A man for whom money is no object,  and who certainly wasn’t born in Motherwell. A man who could be an absolute godsend to Sevco:

Burns: Rangers’ performance at Pittodrie shows they WILL finish above Aberdeen in second


Yes, Montgomery Burns from ‘The Simpsons’ popped up in the Daily Record today and backed Sevco to finish above Aberdeen in the Premiership. On the… errr… basis of their defeat to the Dons on Sunday.

Burns: “Having witnessed the full 90 minutes at Pittodrie, I also think that Rangers will finish above Aberdeen at the end of the season if they play as they did against them on Sunday for the rest of the season.”

“But, although disappointed to lose, I’m sure Mark Warburton would have gone back down the road with David Weir on Sunday and thought, ‘We are not far away’.We’re talking about a rebuilding job here.”

Yes. That makes perfect sense doesn’t it?

There’s nothing like getting zero points after a poor start to the season, languishing in seventh place and having a  grim goal difference to suggest: ‘Yes! The lads are on a roll! Second place here we come!’

Burns’ comments were of course perfect fodder for beleaguered Sevco fans who want to hear that things will be OK. And they were padded out with remarks about how the top flight is tougher than he thought, how Celtic are well ahead having “burst the bank” [No, I don’t really remember that either…], and how it will take time to close the gap.

The fact that these remarks appeared in a newspaper which was until recently carrying upbeat articles about there being little distance between Sevco and Celtic is particularly entertaining. 

Barry Ferguson: Celtic signing Moussa Dembele doesn’t worry me because Rangers are building a great squad

“But my message to Rangers fans is not to be worried as Mark Warburton has also added key ingredients to his team.

Celtic are favourites to win a sixth title in a row but I don’t think there is much of a gap between the two.”

“But Warburton has got a good mixture and I’m convinced Rangers can be serious challengers for the Scottish Premiership title.”

“I look at the two squads and believe the Ibrox boss has enough at his disposal to take them all the way – and don’t forget Hearts and Aberdeen either.”

Oh dear!

Still, at least Sevco can now boast about having the backing of mega-rich Mr Burns. No doubt we shall soon hear tales of him ‘over-investing’ and being a lifelong fan of Rangers*… And of him ‘releasing hounds’ on the enemies of the club…

Oh, hang on a moment…

I have just been advised that the upbeat Burns in question ISN’T the world-famous cartoon industrialist!

The Daily Record piece was about comments made by Hugh Burns. 

No, I haven’t heard of him either…

My apologies to all concerned. However, to be fair, at least I mixed up Mr Burns with another entirely fictional character rather than an ex-Rangers player… 😉



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A Statement Of Opinion 

Good Evening. 

It has been a tough day for Film Trailer Voiceover Man, who took delivery of another script from the Evening Shark-Jump this morning and wondered whether he’d be better off taking up a different career. 😉

Club 1872 is a chance Rangers fans can’t afford to miss at Ibrox

The typically ‘rousing’ introduction opened a piece which seemed less like an opinion and more like a statement on behalf of Club 1872. Club 1872 is a new combined Sevco fans’ organisation which will reduce the number of fan bodies to fewer than 5,000, and which will collect contributions to buy shares in RIFC and possibly support a variety of projects. What’s more, it will be completely independent of the ‘club’.

Here is the introduction to the piece:

“THEY went from the stands to the streets and had their say. Now Rangers fans can make their voice heard at Ibrox and beyond.

The Light Blues support is vast in numbers and diverse in opinions. Consensus is not easily reached amongst any support on any issue and those that follow the Gers have had more reasons than most to be split over the years.

When it mattered, though, they came together as a collective force. Some, of course, did more than others but where a handful lead hundreds and then thousands followed.

Now, they have a chance to unite once again for the good of each other and Rangers. After four nightmare years, the dream could become a reality at Ibrox.”

How The Clumpany laughed at the assertion that “when it mattered, though, they came together as a collective force”. The piece doesn’t clarify whether it is referring to the infamous ‘show liquidation the red card’ demonstration, or that unforgettable collective ‘standing idly by while our club dies’ initiative. 

And as for the mention of “four nightmare years”, I can only assume that the ESJ is NOT referring to the harrowing experiences of the stiffed creditors of the ‘same club’. Because they are never mentioned these days…

We then come to the section which most seems to resemble an infomercial:

“The formation of Club 1872 has brought together several fan groups, including the Rangers Supporters Trust and Rangers First, and given punters a single body to invest their money in and provide their backing to.

It is an organisation that has been required for some time, and one that has come about as the majority have put their allegiances to the RST or RF to one side. The small number that haven’t could now, for some reason, decide to watch on from afar.

Voting for the inaugural board opened on Thursday and the seven person top table will be announced a week today. The workload has been significant but, for those that gave up their time and put in the hours, the rewards will be worth it.”

Note the somewhat dismissive remark about those who don’t fancy joining the Club 1872 party, and who have “for some reason, decided to watch on from afar.”

Miaow! Damn those free-spirited People!

On we go…

“Yet more will have to be done to mobilise a greater percentage of a support that could easily become dormant as they witness the progress that has been made on and off the park in recent months. The fear is that fans will drift away and focus only on the football when they see that their club is no longer in danger.”

The Clumpany LOVES the suggestion that Sevco fans might become complacent because of the glorious progress which is being made on and off the pitch! Sevco are currently seventh in the league, having won two games from seven so far. They are partially reliant on loans to operate and are locked in dispute with various commercial partners. Somehow I don’t think that this counts as the sort of serene vista which is likely to make folk apathetic!

“Rallying to a cause is one thing, but retaining an interest in the financial figures, Stock Exchange announcements and boardroom politics is quite another.”

What Stock Exchange announcements?! Perhaps the fine members of Club 1872 might like to have a game of ‘Find the Nomad’ at their Christmas party?

“It is only due to the events of the last few years that fan ownership has become a hot topic amongst the Light Blue legions. Even now it appears that it is not a realistic proposition.

But that is not necessarily a bad thing. Supporters should always be at the heart of their clubs, yet that does not mean that they are not the best people to run them.

All fans should have their views aired, shared and heard, though, and the power of a collective voice can be substantial at Ibrox and further afield.

The boardroom change of March 2014 would never have been possible without the money from Dave King and the Three Bears but the fans played their own part in ousting a reviled regime from office.

Club 1872 currently own a 6% stake in RIFC plc and have set a target of 25% plus one share to give them a level of influence that they have never had at Ibrox. After seeing Murray, Whyte and Green and Co. come and go, Rangers fans finally have an opportunity to become key players at Ibrox.

Money that is not spent on shares will be used for projects to enhance the match day experience and could become vital to the continued rebuilding job, while Club 1872 have already shown their willingness to stand up for their fellow fan when necessary.”

“Could become vital to the continued rebuilding job” is a curious phrase in the context of the RIFC Chairman’s previous comments about ‘over-investing’, doing whatever it takes, and spending his children’s inheritance. And if the text about ‘standing up for fellow fans’ is a reference to the issuing of complaining statements, then I think it represents one of the most lame boasts of the decade.

“The aim is to build a working relationship with the Ibrox hierarchy but its independence can never be in doubt. There will be no representative on the Gers board but the fans can now have their say at their club.”

So let me get this straight… There will be no Club 1872 representative on the board of the ‘club’, but fans will be able to have their say via a developing working relationship. Hmmm, well I’m convinced. 

It is also stated that Club 1872 will be fiercely independent of the Sevco board. I am absolutely sure that this will be the case. However, depending upon the outcome of the elections to the Club 1872 board, it will be important for the appearance of independence to be maintained. 


Well, the Club 1872 board candidates include (according to the Daily Record):

“Current Rangers* company secretary and Rangers First director James Blair… backed by Gers legend Richard Gough.” 


“Alex Wilson, a former requisitioner with current Gers director Paul Murray.”

The Clumpany looks forward to hearing about the outcome of the elections and the progress of the epic journey upon which Club 1872 is about to embark. I am sure the Evening Shark-Jump will be the first to bring us the glorious tidings!