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Needy Celtic Fans

Good Evening.

There is a good argument which says that you shouldn’t give ‘Speakers of Pish’ the oxygen of publicity.

But I disagree, and you won’t be surprised to hear that.

Because regular readers will know that no Speaker of Pish has seized the oxygen of publicity and breathed quite as deeply as yours truly! 

But I am not here to talk about me. Honest. It would be very boring indeed.

No, I am here to talk about the latest outburst from Adrian Durham.

Celtic fans can’t wait for Rangers to return to the Scottish Premiership… their world has become meaningless without them

I think it is worthy of note that such frothing nonsense as his latest Daily Mail piece is presented as serious commentary in a mainstream publication. Because it causes you to think about the motivation, processes and editorial decisions that bring us the ‘news’ every day. 

And getting to grips with those issues takes you some way down the track towards understanding what makes our society tick. And for all I laugh at the media portrayal of all things Sevco, the deeper interest for me is in the wider issues it raises about the things we are told, and why we are told them.

Let’s face it, if you live in a liberal democracy and newspapers can blithely do something like proclaim the death of a football club on their front pages and then change their minds, then that’s extremely interesting for all sorts of reasons!

Why wouldn’t you be interested in that?

But back to the Pish of the Day

Mr Durham’s piece is a pretty unstructured blast at Celtic and its fans, suggesting that they really miss Rangers (RIP), and using phraseology truly worthy of an excitable phone-in host.

It trashes everything Celtic has achieved since 2012, offering not a hint of credit for any on-pitch achievements or for the long-term sustainable operation which saw it survive the demise of its “closest neighbour”. A demise which was entirely self inflicted (a point which Mr Durham completely avoids).

The piece is without context or coherent argument. It simply takes a swipe at Celtic and its fans seemingly because the author has a platform to do so.

It presumes to know how we feel about the Ibrox club that went to the wall stiffing hundreds of creditors and having broken many rules.

It asserts

“Some Celtic fans have devoted their life to hating Rangers – they still try to claim the side currently top of the Scottish Championship isn’t actually Rangers – they say it’s a new club formed after summer 2012, and they are campaigning feverishly for Rangers to be stripped of their titles. 

These aren’t fans of football – these are people so worried about the decline of their own team, they have to seek new ways to deny history and put down the only club that can knock them off their rather meaningless perch in Scotland.”

Miaow! It doesn’t seem to occur to Mr Durham that some of us might simply have a rational concern that the sport we pay into might have been effectively rigged for a decade, and we would like that investigated. Properly. And with appropriate sanctions being on the table for use if guilt is established.

But I guess Mr Durham is unlikely to appreciate this point of view if his starting is that 

“Scottish football put itself in the wilderness with its ridiculous punishment of Rangers three and a half years ago.”

…and if he holds the view that 

“When Rangers were around, Celtic knew they had to stick together to have the best chance of being successful. Without Rangers pushing them, Celtic have become a mess.”

So where are Rangers, Mr Durham? And what exactly would have been the benefit to Celtic of chaining themselves to its corpse as it sank into the smoothly-puréed depths of liquidation?  

And what about the other clubs in Scotland, Mr Durham? As far as I am concerned the game is all about them too. Today’s Scottish Cup draw demonstrated this in spades. By far the most exciting Fourth Round tie was Hearts against Aberdeen, and I am really looking forward to it, despite being a fan of neither. 

Two of our top teams – with great history and tradition – squaring off in a winner-takes-all encounter far earlier in the competition than either would like.

What’s not to like?

And as for Celtic? Well, Celtic are by no means in perfect shape, and their European performances have been woeful of late. But they are stable, solvent, and are reaping the benefits of long-term sustainability by winning some (but not all) domestic trophies against other clubs who are living within their means. That is something to be proud of.

Finally, I would like to answer a question which Mr Durham poses of Celtic.

Q: “What kind of club gets knocked out of Europe twice before December?”

A: “Ally McCoist’s Rangers, less than a year before they were liquidated”.

Cheers Adrian!



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