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Good Morning.

The Clumpany was thinking about Dave King, the Takeover Panel and Pink Floyd today (as you do…).πŸ˜‰

So here is a wee song for fun, Clumpany style…



Dave King? Nae dough paid?
Get a press-boost with lame praise and your okay.
Dave King? It’s all flash.
Grab those shares with both hands for not-much cash.

Lame fawn, NOMAD gone, dreams torn, totally.
Think I’ll get my concert party.

Dave King? Shares down.
Get it right round, keep your hands right off his pounds.
Dave King? Cash-boasts shit?
Don’t give him those queries that ask “legit?”

He’s in the shite-financially, pish, crap-pedalling set?
And I think he wants no debt.

[*Extended instrumental appreciation of Dave King*]

Dave King? One thin dime?
Shares bought fairly? No? Enforcement action time.
Dave King? “Spend!” he says.
He’s the root of all PR today.
But if you ask Jim “it’s all lies?” it’s no surprise.
That he just spins away.

Dave eh? Cash hey? Cash hey!
Dave eh? Dave eh? Dave eh?!


With apologies to Pink Floyd, here is the magnificent original…


NB Remember folks, it’s just a bit of fun…


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