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The Car Park Superhero

Good Evening.

For some reason the Benny Hill theme tune popped into my ethereal head when I watched this short clip from fearless pursuers of football justice STV earlier today.

Demanding Answers!

There was something comedic about watching our hero epically pursue SFA Vice-President Rod Petrie – every inch the deeply uncharismatic and unresponsive ‘blazer’ – through a few yards of the Hampden car park.

“These are questions the whole nation is asking” said our hero.

The WHOLE nation?

What, everybody?

Even someone in the Outer Hebrides with no TV, radio, internet access or interest in football?

Wow! Our hero must have been asking some really important questions which go to the heart of whether our national game is actually a sport or just a warped sort of light entertainment.

But no. 

The questions were about Gordon Strachan’s role as Scotland manager and the media criticism aimed at the Hampden hierarchy over the team’s continual failure to qualify for anything since the era when the Millenium Bug seemed set to eat us all alive.

It’s a rare thing to see one of the SFA top brass pursued and questioned like that. What a pity that STV haven’t been able to deploy their car park-loitering skills in connection with 

  • the still-unmentioned Offshore Game report, 
  • the Sports Integrity Initiative report, 
  • the full text of the UEFA  ‘new club/company’ letter,
  • the LNS sham,
  • the 5-Way Agreement
  • Etc.

Our hero quite clearly said “You’re a man with power and position, Mr Petrie” today. So these folk obviously recognise people in authority, and know how to ask them questions on behalf of a grateful nation.
So perhaps their choice of car park and questions are simply a matter of priorities?

On which note, I wonder when Keith is off to the Hampden car park, and why he hasn’t been there before?


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