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The SFA’s New Chief Executive

Good Evening.

You may have read in this morning’s Daily Record that Scottish football is dying. In fact, you might also have heard about it on Twitter last night.

Have you got that?


Passing away.

Preparing to do its best ‘Norwegian Blue’ impression.

The Daily Record said so.

Well, apart from in this morning’s Daily Record piece from Michael Gannon, where the idea was mocked:

Make your minds up lads!

As you can see, the common thread between the two pieces is the not-remotely-controversial view that Stewart Regan should leave his post at the SFA. As I said yesterday, it seems rather amusing (and cynicism-inducing) that of ALL the things for which the papers could be attacking Regan, it is the failure of the Scotland team that has finally prompted them to go on the offensive.

Scotland: How To Win The World Cup

Whatever their motivation, it seems that they may have had a resounding success! Rumours have reached Clumpany Towers that Stewart Regan has resigned. Not only that, but, astonishingly, his replacement has already arrived at Hampden to begin work!

And The Clumpany is able to exclusively reveal his identity:

Yes that’s right.

It’s Stewart Regan!

No really. The person pictured above is definitely Stewart Regan.

He’s put on Stewart Regan’s shirt and tie, got Stewart Regan’s security pass and has parked in Stewart Regan’s space. He’s got no comprehensive plan to improve the lot of the Scotland team, believes the domestic game needs an ‘Old Firm’ to thrive, and is unlikely to

  • publish the content of the 5-Way Agreement,
  • push for the LNS Commission to be set aside; or
  • investigate the issues raised by Resolution 12.

It’s definitely Stewart Regan. The same Stewart Regan. And I am sure the Daily Record is in no position to argue otherwise… 😉

Finally, allow me to introduce the man likely to replace Neil Doncaster at the SPFL:

“It’s definitely the same club, and I won’t consider any arguments to the contrary”


Yes, it’s Neil Doncaster! The same Neil Doncaster!