Clumpany Matters

The Westminster Attack

Good Evening.

Some people were killed and injured in one of the world’s most high profile locations today.

Some people were killed and injured in close proximity to the UK Parliament, in the nation’s capital.

Or, to focus on the irreducible core of the matter, free of geographical considerations… some people were killed and injured.

Someone’s parent, brother, sister, friend or child was killed or injured.

Yes, people die and are injured all over the world all of the time. Often in greater numbers and truly appalling circumstances. 

The Clumpany gets that. I REALLY do get it. 

Hopefully, no matter what your nationality, race, or religion, and no matter whether you are a unionist, nationalist, opportunist, point-scorer, zoomer or outright roaster, at least one of the above points will have registered with your basic humanity. 

Because if you want to use this appalling incident to

  • Make blanket assertions about particular religions and races and thereby whip up hate.
  • Suggest in some way that the UK/ London ‘had it coming’ for any reason
  • Share gratuitous pictures of people suffering.
  • Engage in conspiracy theories about ‘Westminster’ trying to deflect from the Holyrood s30 vote.
  • Affect faux outrage about the Scottish Parliament not being suspended quickly enough. [NB this is different to having an opinion on the matter]
  • Affect faux outrage about it being suspended at all. [NB again, this is different to having an opinion on the matter]
  • Say crass attention-seeking things because this is a great opportunity to turn your usual output all the way up to 11.

…then I suggest you take a good look at yourself in the mirror.

And then take another look.

Some good people lost their lives or had them utterly changed today. Other good people will have been traumatised after simply turning up for work, or paying a visit to one of the world’s great cities. 

It is horrible. So please don’t play games with it. Even if you couldn’t give two hoots about London or the family of nations which makes up in U.K., please try and find it within yourself to show a bit of compassion and decency. Cheap, nasty point scoring on a day like today is an abomination.

We don’t know the whys and wherefores of this afternoon’s attack, and I for one am happy to await the outcome of investigation and due process. I expect those in authority to leave no stone unturned, and I hope that elected bodies and the press will hold them to account without fear or favour.

I hope you feel something similar.

The Clumpany’s thoughts are with everyone affected by today’s incident, and with others suffering around the world.

Thanks for reading.