RIP Celtic Football Club 2016-18

Good Evening.

Let’s be clear about something. No one in their right mind wants to see a football ‘club’ or fan base that laughs in the face of 276 creditors, and every single tax payer in the United Kingdom be successful.

No one wants to see triumphs going to a ‘football club’ or fan base for whom rules and insolvency laws are a moveable feast as long as a junkie-like craving to wallow in a baseless superiority complex is satisfied.

And no one with a shred of decency in them wants to see people who revel in gloating about child abuse or a famine enjoy any sort of happiness in their lives.

Moreover, no one with any sentience in their brain or regard for the very notions of rational thought and the written or spoken word wants to see the liquidation-denying charlatans of the Scottish sports media – who would rather utter pandering ‘Rangers’ shite than touch an actual story – enjoying themselves.

But fair play to them and Sevco. Their lads won yesterday.

It happens.

I suspect they will all now go forward and become even worse than ever. Their long-established ability to suck the life out of our national sport, society and public discourse intensifying as they sniff an opportunity to continue harming football and the world around them while ultimately ensuring their own long-term disappointment and irrelevance.

Let’s take a moment to pity them, and then leave them to it.

As for Celtic, yesterday ended the first phase of the Brendan Rodgers era in no uncertain terms. It looked finished after the club’s shambolic exit from the Champions League qualifiers a few months ago, following an utterly inexcusable transfer window. However, Rodgers and the players brilliantly pulled themselves together. The club currently sits at the top of the league with a game in hand, a record-equalling trophy in the cabinet and post-Christmas European football to come.

As noted philosopher Roy Walker might say: “it’s good, but it’s not right”. The Celtic that won a double Treble and then a further trophy has run out of road. As Rodgers rightly stated yesterday, it is time to hit the reset button.

New players and a shake up are required. And that includes Brendan taking a long hard look at his selections and tactics, but more importantly the board asking themselves [*sigh*] again, if they are really doing all they can to back a very high quality manager who is enjoying an unprecedented streak of success.

It’s time to consign the seven successive trophies to the past. An augmented and rejuvenated new Celtic needs to start afresh after the winter break.

No excuses and no messing about Celtic. Get it done.


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