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Neil Lennon’s List Of Shame

Neil Lennon
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Good Evening.

Here is a list of events, and an indication of the sorts of reactions they have variously produced over many years… [NB The quotes do not necessarily match the particular incident]

Northern Ireland captain Neil Lennon was forced to pull out of a match after receiving death threats.
“He brings it on himself”.

Two students were fined for an unprovoked attack on Celtic midfielder Neil Lennon.
“Lennon needs to take responsibility for his actions” .

Two men were jailed  for a “vicious, brutal and cowardly” attack on former Celtic captain Neil Lennon.
“Neil Lennon can’t seem to help himself”.

Neil Lennon – manager of Celtic – was sent bullets in the post.
“Lennon seems to go looking for trouble”.

Celtic manager Neil Lennon was physically attacked on the touchline at Tynecastle.
“The combative Irishman seems to revel in confrontation”.

Daily Record was forced to apologise after running the headline: “Who’s more hated at Ibrox – is it Lennon or the taxman?” before a Rangers vs Celtic game.
“Lennon seems to enjoy getting in people’s faces”.

A man who posted a picture of Neil Lennon covered in bullet wounds was sentenced to 14 months in prison.
“There is no need for the Irish Irishman to goad opposition fans. He is asking for trouble”.

Two men were found guilty of sending parcel bombs to Neil Lennon.
“He really does bring it on himself. He should try to be a role model”.

A man was found guilty of breach of the peace after posting online that Neil Lennon should be sent more bullets and bombs.
“Lennon needs to have a long hard think about why he keeps finding himself in this position.”

A man who tweeted that Neil Lennon should be killed was cleared of committing any offence.
“Lennon is incapable of restraining himself. He seems to enjoy being a hate figure”.

A Hearts fan hit the headlines after tweeting: “It’s definitely time for Neil Lennon to start receiving bullets and bombs in the post again”.
“The Irishy Irish Irishman Lennon makes himself a target with his attitude and conduct”.

Neil Lennon was hit by a coin during the Edinburgh derby and the following day ‘Hang Neil Lennon’ graffiti appeared on a wall near Tynecastle.
“Lennon had it coming and he loves playing the victim”.


Now, ask yourself this: is Neil Lennon the problem here?
Or is it twisted individuals, and a sport and society where intolerance of ‘Irish Catholics’ isn’t routinely seen as something shameful that needs to be tackled head on by the authorities, police, politicians, media commentators and every single person who claims to possess even a shred of humanity in their soul?
[NB Hat-tip to @Call_It_Out for posting the above list on Twitter]

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