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Stevie G’s Miracle Cure


Good Evening.

The Clumpany didn’t see this advert anywhere…


Introducing Stevie G’s Miracle Cure!

Sevco Pharmaceuticals are delighted to introduce a product which will revolutionise medical science.

It will transform the lives of half a billion People.

Where once there was extreme discomfort and embarrassment, there will now be unadulterated joy.

No longer will People have to hide away for hours on end feeling as though their insides have been sealed up with concrete.

Never again will People strain and pray in hope for the blessing of a release from inner torment.

This medical marvel is guaranteed to change lives throughout Sevconia!

So roll up roll up and get our special hashtag-shaped ‘Let’s Go’ pills! 

Inspired by a lame, random, throwaway remark by Stevie G that he immediately forgot (but which we are determined to flog to within an inch of its life), the ‘Let’s Go’ tablets do exactly what they say on the tin*. [*Old Smarties tube.]

That’s right! ‘Let’s Go’ is the jaw and pants-dropping laxative that will let all Sevco fans go.

Constipation is absolutely no problem for our miracle formula which cuts through solid shit just as quickly as The Clumpany dissects an MSM-Sevco love-in.

All YOU need to do is to buy into our fantasy about a rookie manager being truly amazing and BOOM, the ‘Let’s Go’ pills are yours.

We absolutely guarantee that Stevie G’s efforts will have you shitting yourself in no time whatsoever.



NB Remember folks, this product was not tested on rational human beings…