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What’s The MSM Daein Tom?

Good Evening

And still it keeps on coming.

No matter how many hard facts stare them in the face.

No matter that they unreservedly reported on a death at Ibrox in 2012.

No matter that every single aspect of Sevco’s DNA points to a new club trying to find its way amid ever-increasing debts.

No matter that the RIFC Chairman is a convicted criminal who hasn’t yet delivered the over-investment promised in 2015.

No matter that the Takeover Panel has taken unprecedented action to enforce a ruling under section 955 of the Companies Act 2006 which compels the said Chairman to put down a large amount of money (that could have otherwise been used for over-investment) to potentially buy out small-scale investors that the law is designed to protect.

No matter that upbeat propaganda doesn’t result in sporting ability.

No matter that Jim Traynor could yet turn out to be the rights holder of the ever-expanding Emperor’s New Clothes Franchise.

Despite all of this, the MSM still managed to behave as though the Rangers of Great Borrower David Murray was still with us and was about to take a big step towards toppling the heirs of Fergus McCann this past weekend.

And yet the latest Ibrox-based club still managed to come unstuck 3-2 to the 10-man Celtic! With great goals scored by quality players payed for by properly-taxed revenues.

Will the MSM ever learn?


Because they don’t want to.

In the face of overwhelming and doubtless dispiriting evidence, their long-running David Murray-based wet dream still keeps their output well-lubricated.

And so I simply say this to them: GIRUY you narrow-minded betrayers of the profession and sport you purport to love.

GIRUY, you liquidation-denying apologists for cheating and the stiffing of the public purse.

Your hopes for cheap ‘title-race’ headlines went up in smoke. Like the corpse of the late Rangers Football Club did back in the day.

I can only hope that you savoured the moment as much as the rest of us did.