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Meet The MSM’s New Sevco Correspondent…

Good Evening.

We all have our favourite Sevco-sympathising or cheerleading sports journalists.

Mine is the one who seemingly suspends their rumoured critical faculties on a daily basis to peddle vacuous nonsense that all is well at Sevco, and that the return* of the glory days is just around the corner.

What do you mean “that description doesn’t narrow it down very much?”.

Anyway… the purpose of this blog is to exclusively reveal that a new kid is on the churnalistic block. I am not allowed to divulge which mainstream media outlet our hero is joining, but I can tell you about the special qualities that got him the job, and give you his name.

This chap is prepared to put in some serious legwork to bring you the most pointless space-filling Sevco ‘stories’ you have ever seen.

He will scavenge everywhere and anywhere to find and carry back all manner of crap to try your patience.

His antennae can pick up the most guffaw-inducing Ibrox minutiae you have ever encountered.

And his ability to crawl before the occupants of the Blue Room is second to none.

Ladies and Gentleman, allow me to present to you the latest graduate from the Level5 School of Sevco PR:

Yes, it’s Concomit Ant! 😉


NB Yes that IS a terrible joke. But if you can’t embarrass yourself on your own blog, where can you?

Maybe in a statement…