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A Panicked Sevco High Command Meets In Dignified Conclave

A well-placed source informs me that the Sevco High Command met in urgent dignified conclave after today’s Quintessentially British defeat to the mighty Hamilton.

The Serious Professional and a magnificently-maned factotum reached south of the Limpopo to insist David Cunningham King dialled in to the staunch sit-down.

The call was sponsored by OPM, and the reversal of the charges reflected the reversal in the fortunes of the five-year old basket of assets moulded into Sevco FC by founding father Charles of Normandy.

The sensible faction in the blues-stricken Blue Room had been backing Graeme Stuart Murty to replace Pedro Miguel Faria Caixinha as the cut-price wearer of the dignified managerial brown brogues. However, today’s entirely Academical set-back had put a spoke in their un-Cunningham plan.

Unfortunately for the sensible faction, the more determined Rangers men had not forgotten their vocal support for Murty, and a free and frank exchange of views followed.

The Serious Professional – who (like the Admirable Warburton) seems a decent guy doing a tough job – attempted to bring some focus to the deliberations of the People’s dignified leadership. He invited the board to decide whether it really could muster the cash to make a formal approach to Derek McInnes or else stick with Mr Graeme Stuart Murty.

I understand that there was then a very awkward silence before one particularly brave Blue Room veteran said that it all depended upon whether David Cunningham King was prepared to over-invest in the manner that the stenographers had suggested, following the high-Level encouragement of an intergalactic PR guru.

Dear reader, my source informs me that there were audible gasps when the staunchly-brave individual said “Dave, it’s time to put up or shut up.”

It was then a huge disappointment to all concerned that the line from South Africa suddenly became extremely crackly and the Chairman’s dignified response could not be heard.

Meanwhile, Sevco remains a loss-making business without a credit line from a bank.


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