Satire, Scottish Football, Sevco

Viva Ped Vegas!


Good Evening.

So the beleaguered Pedro, facing unrest in his squad, says that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Is that right Pedro…?


Viva Ped Vegas!

Shite! Fight! Pishy! Gonna find that mole
Gonna call that mole a liar
Had almost no money, it’s totally burned,
To get those Gers* up higher
There’s a thousand petty squabbles flamin’ out there
And for all Kenny Miller may care
Ped’s still the gaffer, he’s no love to spare
Viva Ped Vegas! Viva Ped Vegas!

How they wish that they had more
Than a measly few wins in the League
‘Cause unless Sevco learn how to score
It can only mean big Bampot glee
Oh, there’s Pena and Alves and the caravan
A barking dog, points lost at ev’ry turn
All it needs is team-peace,  Kenny not to squeal
Viva Ped Vegas! Viva Ped Vegas!

Viva Ped Vegas with your PR flashin’
And ex-Qatari man bashing’
All those boasts down the drain
Viva Ped Vegas turnin’ games into shite-time
Training light, Pena waistline
If Ped stays employed
Kenny’s gone and played his last game!

Ped’s gonna keep up his run
We’re gonna have so much of fun
If it costs the last Ibrox thin dime
If they wind up broke-up well
We’ll aways remember Ped had an “imposter’s” time
Ped’s gonna give it ev’rything he’s got
Fitba Gods give him another shot
Let him shout at Kenny. Give him the chop!
Viva Ped Vegas! Viva Ped Vegas!
Viva viva Ped Vegas!


With apologies to Doc Pomus, Mort Schuman and Elvis Presley…


NB All we are saying is Give Ped A Chance…