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Please Swallow The Lie!

Good Evening.

One of the less-celebrated facets of Scottish football is its rare capacity to allow us to savour a cliche transformed into reality.

We all laugh at BBC Scotland for being the sort of organisation that might have EBT recipients offering supposedly-worthwhile punditry. And we guffaw at them for doing so without a word of context about how their insights were obtained via a tax-avoiding scheme. A scheme that was trashed by the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom which ruled that the public purse had been left bereft of a lot of due funds.

What’s more, we piss ourselves at Clyde for being the sort of station that might possibly employ a relentless cheerleader of all things Ibrox such as Derek Johnstone. And for possibly doing so without worrying that the entire population of the Universe blessed with the ability to hear might one day accuse them of being a joke outfit.

And we also guffaw at the Scottish printed press for collectively being the sort of outlets that could conceivably regurgitate any old Ibrox-sympathetic crap in the name of selling papers

However we know that those things are ultimately untrue and that we have no reasonable choice other than to reflect that we are being paranoid.

We naturally assume that our suspicion of a Scottish sports media willing to allow a grievous assault on both facts and our intelligence is nothing more than a ridiculous fantasy.

This is – no doubt – a view that is shared by the sports desks of Scotland.

Nevertheless, once in a while we see something like the Sevco PR operation shouting down a journalist in a press conference and insisting that the ‘club’ Rangers wasn’t liquidated in 2012.

Jim Traynor stretches our credulity [Link via @gibbygibbo1]

And at that point you really can’t help but wonder whether you and and the entire national sport of Scotland are having the piss taken out of you on a grand scale.

I am sure the Scottish mainstream media will be along shortly to challenge Jim Traynor’s assertions rather than risk sentient humanity wondering whether our cliched expectations of spinelessness were actually correct.


NB Remember folks, it’s just a bit of fun…