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Tanks And Other Reversing Things

Good Evening.

Let us take a moment to ponder a few reversing things…

Number one. Tanks. Possibly those belonging to His Big Mikeness in a metaphorical sort of way:

Two. Front pages that are subsequently backed-away from:


Three. ‘Arguments’ made in favour of backing out of the Champions League:

Four. Reversing away from the concept of freedom of speech, even when it involves a piss-poor ‘Rory Bremner’ gag:

Five. Backing away from your usual focus on matters Sevco:

Six. Once again stepping back from your usual focus on matters Sevco:

Seven. When your early-season optimism suffers an epic reversal:

Eight. When you step backwards from journalism and attempt to become a life-coach instead:

Nine. When you suddenly effect an about-turn from suggesting that “it should be a decent game”: It Should Be A Decent Game

Ten. When you reverse out of the realm of analysis and into the realm of outright comedy: 😉



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