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Honestly NOT Going For 55

Good Evening.

The Clumpany laughed out loud when it read the following comments from Kenny ‘Three Old Firm Clubs’ Miller in the Daily Record today.

Rangers ace Kenny Miller insists club can copy Celtic blueprint to become a force again

Are we seriously expected to believe that all that ‘Going for 55’ nonsense was just a bit of self-aware banter?

That massive tifo? 

The comments from those associated with Sevco?

The acres and acres of coverage about how Rangers were ‘back’ and going for yet another title?

The pundits who told us with not a flicker of embarrassment or sarcasm that they fancied Sevco to win the league (and Joey Barton to be Player of the Year)?

That was all done for a laugh and no one really believed it?

Aye right. And my middle names are ‘Fearless Scottish Football Media’.

The Sevco we all know and love seems to be a ‘club’ based upon a very simple but epic lie: that it is Rangers, with all the baggage that brings.

The ‘history’ of sometimes questionable success.

The trophies acquired by various expedients. Some of which were on the pitch.

The massive sense of entitlement.

The colossal misplaced superiority complex.

An expectation of steamrolling everything in its path.

The spending of ‘whatever it takes’ to win, win and win again.

And all of it is supported by a press pack which is shamefully delighted to swallow the lie and pretend that the souped-up David Murray juggernaut is still alive and well and on the brink of conquering all before it, while the governing bodies pretty much acquiesce. It may all be an act – and indeed a spectacular sham – but it is completely sincere and utterly heartfelt. 

These folk all NEED to believe that Rangers are still with us and set to dominate. Because without that belief, their identity and various commercial prospects may be threatened.

The ‘Rangers* for another title’ noise at the beginning of the season was an insult to our intelligence and 276 stiffed creditors, including every single taxpayer and user of public services in the U.K.

The one thing it WASN’T was a bit of banter.

Which is why we know that despite the affected indifference of Kenny Miller and others, they are really really hurting.

Which is a shame.

As a great philosopher once said: GIRUY. 😉