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The Only Facts You Ever Need To Know

Good Evening.

As many people continue to be fascinated by the coverage of the Craig Whyte trial, The Clumpany feels it is essential to issue a reminder of some extremely important facts

Facts can help to keep your feet on the ground and prevent wild theories from spreading. 

I am sure we all agree that a bit of perspective is absolutely vital at this sensitive time. So please remember to keep the following list in mind over the coming days and weeks.

  • Craig Whyte was a billionaire as far as anyone in the press could tell.
  • Rangers was and remains an enormous institution, part of the very fabric of Scotland and the United Kingdom.
  • Scottish football needs a strong Rangers.
  • The Wee Tax Case was in dispute right through all the UEFA licence monitoring stages in 2011. Even when it wasn’t.
  • The Big Tax Case could have been dealt with by… err… someone if necessary, had Rangers not gone into administration.
  • Both the club and holding company went into administration. But it was only the holding company which went into liquidation. 
  • The ‘club’ was sold to Charles Green, and you don’t need to see the paperwork to prove it.
  • Neil Doncaster told Chris McLaughlin that it’s the same club because a) Lord Nimmo-Smith said so; and b) because a club is something which can play in the league and which is owned and operated by another entity. And if that’s good enough for Chris not to question, it’s good enough for everyone else.
  • The Advertisng Standards Agency trumps the law of the land and football regulations.
  • UEFA FFP Article 12 is for wimps. A ‘club’ can be defined at national association level and we don’t need to trouble our tiny minds with what then happens when a ‘same club’ plays in a UEFA competition.
  • Engine room subsidiaries are not something to be laughed at.
  • EBTs may mean that you can pay players more, but that doesn’t amount to a sporting advantage. Just as the DOS scheme didn’t.
  • Imperfect player registration is an unfortunate administrative error, but it doesn’t confer a sporting advantage over those who register their players perfectly.
  • Ad hoc innovative concepts such as a conditional membership of a national association are perfectly fine, as are Five Way Agreements that no one is allowed to see. 
  • It is perfectly obvious who played Brechin in July 2012. Rangers then, Rangers now, Rangers forever.
  • Rangers won those titles on the pitch, and everything else is just conspiracy theory and jealousy.

I hope that is all perfectly clear.

Please try your best not to make idiots of yourselves.