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Tin Foil Hat Man

Good Evening.

The Clumpany found it amusing that an article poking fun at the ‘tin foil hat’ brigade amongst the Celtic support also managed to wibble about “two Old Firm games on the bounce” without any apparent irony.

The piece of which I speak is yesterday’s column from the Record’s Michael “Mr” Gannon: 

A conspiracy against Celtic? If there is it might just be the worst in history

To be fair, it was largely knockabout stuff. And when dwelling on the implications of the non-penalty which gave Ross County their equaliser against Celtic last weekend, it made a valid point about clubs at the bottom of the table having considerable cause for grievance.

Nevertheless, the piece failed to adequately address the points that 

  • Celtic lost out on three points, 
  • the players missed out on win bonuses; and 
  • the fans didn’t get the chance to savour a victory which they had travelled in hope of seeing.

This is – after all – professional sport, and if you are financially or even emotionally invested in it, you have every right to be pissed off if you feel cheated!
And to then howl about it.

In my opinion, Mr Gannon is simply wrong to say that the penalty and resulting draw “meant nada to the Parkhead club.”

Mr Gannon also failed to dwell upon the vexed questions of how on Earth these terrible refereeing performances keep on occurring, and who is ultimately accountable for them. 

It was nice to learn that referees are apparently upset when they make an arse of their job. However, I would be far more interested in hearing about what will be done to ultimately limit the number of occasions on which they get it so wrong that you start wondering whether they are actually engaged in an innovative form of performance art.

But rather than receiving helpful insights, we instead got some rather cheap sneering at Celtic fans who believe that there may be some sort of conspiracy against the club. 

It is clearly easy to mock these unnamed and unquantified individuals on social media, especially when Celtic have already won the league by a distance and are currently chasing a second cup of the season. Nevertheless, such mocking unfortunately serves to

Frankly, any organisation which can invent the concepts of ‘imperfect registration’ and ‘conditional membership’, which can be party to a secret 5-Way Agreement, and which has questions to answer over the awarding of a UEFA License to the late Rangers FC in 2012, deserves to have its every action treated with the utmost suspicion. 

So it is hardly surprising if some folk question the motivations of referees in quite ‘eye-catching’ terms.

Mr Gannon’s piece was doubtless intended as a lighthearted bit of banter that traded on the ‘popular’ perception/ misconception of ‘Internet Bampots’. But in doing so, he did many of us – and the cause of a fairer, better-run game – a disservice.

The fact that he did so while wearing a wibbletastic ‘Old Firm’-promoting tin foil hat of his own will cause many of us to chuckle at his piece for quite some time!


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