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What Are YOU So Afraid Of?

Good Evening.

You – yes you – enjoy Scottish football on a regular basis.

You might even love it. 

You see appalling refereeing on a troublingly regular basis.

If you are a fan of a team that is a victim of it, you howl like any fan would. 

You might even cry ‘incompetence’ or ‘foul play’.

But even if you simply report on Scottish football as a ‘neutral journalist’, you will undoubtedly have highlighted duff refereeing quite frequently.

And recognised that it changes games.

And thereby affects the experience and enjoyment of paying punters who spend their limited resources watching the national sport. 

You might even have thought that paying punters deserve better.

Much better.

But whatever the case, you will have almost certainly thought that the refereeing in Scotland could be improved.

You might even have been of sufficient sentience to have thought “f*ck me, it really doesn’t have to be like that!”

After all, the human experience is all about optimism and striving for improvement. 

So even if you ascribe every dodgy unaccountable refereeing decision to mistake, poor performance, or something more sinister, your natural human reaction must be to hope for something better.

All of which begs the question:

If you are a fan, follower, reporter or administrator of Scottish football, why the hell aren’t you straining every sinew to bring about a massive improvement in the quality and accountability of Scottish football referees?

It also probably begs a supplementary question:

What are you so afraid of?


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