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Raging At Celtic

Celtic are taking the p*ss!

They are playing the system! 

It’s cheating!

It’s an abuse of process!

I can’t believe they are getting away with this!

It’s an insult to Scottish football!

Every single club in Scotland should be demanding answers from the SFA!

There should be a march on Hampden!

There should be two marches on Hampden!

With placards.

And flaming torches.

Opponents should refuse to shake hands with Celtic players!

Someone should sue them!

Or get an interdict.

Or both.


Slimy, rule-breaking, arrogant scum!

Celtic should be thrown out of the game!

Rangers* should boycott the Scottish Cup Semi-Final in protest!

This is one outrage too many!

Celtic are an embarrassment to the beautiful game!

They can f*ck right off.



I am sure we all agree that the above is the only sensible response to Celtic Football Club and Scott Brown exercising their right to due process and a fair hearing on the merits of the case against him, and according to SFA-set timescales.

Don’t we?! 😉


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