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The Evening Times: An Apology

Good Morning.

Having been in correspondence with the above-mentioned newspaper, The Clumpany is happy to make the following remarks.

Over the past two years, this blog has been very critical of the Evening Times newspaper via a combination of analysis, satire and vitriol.

The Clumpany accepts that these pieces have been lacking in balance, and have impugned the good reputation of the newspaper and its staff.

The Clumpany accepts that the Evening Times provides coverage of a number of senior football clubs, and aims to offer readers a variety of insights into the thinking and experiences of current and former players and managers, as well as traditional match reports and technical analysis. This coverage is valued by readers for being provided without fear or favour.

The Clumpany further accepts that the newpaper and its staff should be able to go about their work without repeated criticism and mocking. 

The Clumpany also understands that such adverse commentary can have an effect on those receiving it, and apologises unreservedly for any upset caused.

Finally, The Clumpany notes that its substantial follower base on social media gives it a platform from which it can prompt a reaction from large numbers of people. The Clumpany accepts that such a substantial online profile brings with it significant responsibility. The Clumpany will bear this responsibility in mind it all its future activities.

Thank you for reading.