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The Big Plan: Get Mo Money

Good Afternoon.

It has become something of a running joke that every time a Rangers or Sevco ‘legend’ or ‘legned’ pops up in the media to discuss the (lack of) fortunes of the latest Ibrox club, and how it can assume an alleged ‘rightful place’ at the top of Scottish football, the answer is ALWAYS “more investment”.

More money.

Lots of it.


Pretty please.

From someone.


WE NEED THAT MONEY. Wah wah wah. 😢

St Walter of the Blessed Cardigan is the most famous advocate of the “pretend even harder to be Rangers” strategy, and it is getting to the point where his pleas are almost as desperate as the football his teams used to play.

But the genre has possibly reached its nadir, courtesy of the the ever-popular Mo Johnston. Back in the UK from Florida to help promote the Scottish Cup semi-finals (and you have to admit that William Hill and the SFA certainly know how to pick people for promotional duties…), Johnston was – astonishingly – asked about his views of Sevco and the gap to Celtic.

Yes, I was shocked too.

And he even had the temerity to suggest that Dave King should sell up and let someone else have a go!

Mo Johnston tells Dave King to splash cash or sell Rangers

“Maybe Rangers need a 
different owner,” said Johnston. 

“Perhaps that’s what has to happen. I don’t know much about the takeover but what I would say is that, if the owner
 injects money into the club, then things would be better.”

Searing insight, Mo!

Spending money will clearly make things better. Just like it did for Rangers who now lie festering on the corporate mortuary slab.

“I don’t know the boy King’s finances, but if he puts more money in, then things might improve. But I don’t think he’s going to do that.”

“The boy King”?!

Yes, he actually said “the boy King”!

“If this is the case then, probably, they would need someone else to come in and invest their money.”

You don’t say…

“There aren’t a lot of people out there who would be able to do that. For me, it would have to be someone from 
China. That’s the one for me.”

Someone from China. Has Mo simply picked out a country at random and said “aye someone from there should come and fix things. Someone with money”?

Anyone in particular, Mo? Anyone?

Is there anything to be said for waiting on a postman from Micronesia to step forward with his piggy bank?

Or for the chief of a hitherto-undiscovered Amazon tribe to emerge from the jungle and announce his lifetime love of the Gers* and willingness to invest his crops in rebuilding the team?

But Mo hasn’t finished yet.

“Rangers are a big, big club.”

Oh no, not this nonsense again…

“They and Celtic both are. If you get it right, you’ll get your money back. The amount of money going about in the Champions League is ridiculous and that is.”

“If you get it right, you’ll get your money back”. What on earth is this guy on? Did he not see what can happen when a ‘club’ gambles everything on European revenues? Revenues which are getting bigger, but which are also getting harder and harder to access if you aren’t a top ‘club’ in one of the biggest leagues.

How about living within your means and building a sustainable operation, Mo? Even if that means it takes a very long time to close the gap with Celtic?

The fact that the papers continue to give a platform to this type of nonsense amuses me greatly. It has no basis in reality or fact, doesn’t help Sevco one little bit, and simply exposes the ignorance of the person uttering it.

It may fill column inches, help to sell the last few remaining printed newspapers, and give Sevco fans a warm glow. However it has little to do with the truth of Sevco’s circumstances and resources, and absolutely nothing to do with Scottish football in the 21st Century.

So Mo. What do you think about the plans for the super casino and hover pitch at Ibrox?