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Bloggers Killed Rangers Football Club

Good Evening.

The Herald was certainly not short of quality today.

No, really.

Oh, sorry, I should have been more specific. I meant ‘not short of high quality laughs‘, courtesy of this piece from Matthew Lindsay:

Matthew Lindsay: Appointing Pedro Caixinha would be a huge gamble – and one that would have to pay off for Rangers

Anyone brave enough to click on the article would naturally expect to read some searing insight into what the appointment of the ‘next Warbmeister’ might mean for the latest ‘club’ to operate out of Ibrox. And to be fair, there were some words along those lines to be found clinging to the page, but it was the opening of the piece which made it an instant classic:

Oh dear! Let’s savour those words again.

“FOREIGN managers at the Old Firm clubs (or, if you spend your days posting ‘Rangers died!’ under anonymous pseudonyms on Twitter and object to that phrase, the two largest clubs in Glasgow) have enjoyed wildly contrasting fortunes over the last 20 years or so.”

The author seems to have a bit of a problem with folk (including possibly those who don’t fancy being subject to threats and harassment, and those who genuinely float around in the ether) speaking a very simple truth. 

This seems to be an odd position to take if you are in the business of journalism, a profession which is noted for striving to achieve at least the occasional brush with facts and cold, hard, uncomfortable realities.

It seems even more bizarre to use the Herald as a platform to bemoan folk speaking of Rangers being dead when that very paper said it in 2012!


Perhaps Mr Lindsay has joined the increasing number of people who choose not to read the Herald? And who could blame him? 😉

Of course, he isn’t the first Herald starlet to distance himself from the sentiments of its greatest ever front page. The intergalactic author of the ‘Rangers died’ article famously appeared to distance himself from it by saying ‘it woz the paper wot said it’:

The Holding Herald.

I thought that noted Clumpany alter-ego, the significantly less-than-anonymous Phil Mac Giolla Bhain, absolutely nailed the laughable nature of Mr Lindsay’s opening remarks today:


Perhaps Mr Lindsay would like to join the Society of Blog Sneering (SoBS)? I hear its membership is growing:

And at the ‘club’ which definitely isn’t a tribute act…

Pesky bloggers, with their flagrant internet access, outrageous social media, appalling free thinking and devious use of words.

Where will it all end?

My money is on ever-declining sales of the print media, and the eventual arrival of the ‘acceptance’ stage of Rangers-related grief…