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Chris Sutton Is Really Obsessed

Chris Sutton briefly considered using the Force on Robbie Savage, but realised a simple coherent argument would do instead

Good Evening.

Oh how we laughed a few days ago when Robbie ‘Remarkably Someone In An Editorial Position Actually Thinks We Are Interested’ Savage suggested that Chris Sutton was “obsessed” with Rangers*.

“Obsessed” is of course a favourite jibe of some limited members of the Sevconian fan fraternity who seem not to like folk 

  • giving in to the time-honoured tradition of rubbernecking at a circus/car-crash; or
  • being wary that the ‘same club’ playing out of Ibrox might repeat the actions of its… errr… predecessor by breaking many rules, financially doping, and generally warping the entire national sport.

“Obsessed” is an extremely lazy ‘insult’ uttered by the uninspired and unimaginative. Actually, let’s be honest about it, it’s just sh*t! But bless them, these folk still deploy it with gusto!

To be fair to Sutton, as befits his track record as a player and pundit, he appeared not to give a single f*ck about Savage’s comments. And why should he?

But Savage isn’t the only person to have played the ‘obsessed’ card recently. Apparently Laura Miller, wife of Kenny Miller, slammed Sutton for having a ‘Rangers obsession’.

I know this because I read it in the Evening Shark-Jump.

Or rather I didn’t, because despite the headline, Laura Miller said nothing of the sort. 

Here is the headline.

And here is the rest of the article, which lacks a byline.

Laura Miller actually seems to have accused Sutton of excessively enjoying ICT’s first goal because it was against a team masquerading as ‘Rangers’. She did not accuse him of obsession or fixation or anything else along those lines.

But someone at the ESJ chose to dress up her incisive punditry as being a response to ‘obsession’.

Far be it from me to suggest that the tone of the article was intended to appeal or pander to small wibbling demographic in the ESJ readership which doesn’t enjoy scrutiny of their latest ‘club’, and which has a problem with Chris Sutton not obligingly churning out the sort of unquestioning ‘Rangers* are a big club and vital to Scottish football’ bilge which all-too-often passes for punditry in our MSM. 

But it does make you wonder…

Doesn’t it?