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Warbo Might Be Awful, But…

Good Evening.

The Clumpany is finding it hard not to be thoroughly entertained by Sevco’s recent results, and especially the mainstream media’s reaction.

The 4-1 pumping by Hearts seemed to be a tipping point for parts of the Scottish MSM. Whether they were influenced by a PR influence when reaching that conclusion is for you to decide. However, the overall impression I picked up after the result at Tynecastle was of a media feeling that Warbo was not the man to take Sevco to the same kind of financially-doped and rule-trashing ignominy (otherwise known as ‘glory’) which was attained by dead Rangers.

Sevco’s draw against Ross County today is likely to increase the intensity of the pundits’ displeasure. And it is on that particular matter that The Clumpany would like to offer fellow Clumpaneers some pointers.

Here are some phrases to look out for, and some potential responses to bear in mind, when considering the MSM’s likely dross:

Warbo’s comments/opinions are embarrassing. This comes from the same media which daily pretends that he manages the dead Rangers Football Club!

The Rangers fans deserve better/ Rangers is all about winning games and trophies. The image of ‘Rangers’ which parts of the media treasures and propagates is one perhaps based on unsustainable spending, stiffed creditors and systematic rule-breaking. As such, they often seem to yearn for a sham which trashed the very idea of Scottish football being a sport.

Scottish football needs a strong Rangers*. It also needs a properly-functioning media which isn’t in thrall to a lie, and which won’t shy away from asking any meaningful questions of those in a position of power.

Warbo has a bigger budget than everyone other than Celtic so his team should be comfortable in second place. This is one to save for if HMRC win the Big Tax Case and the press try to tell you that dead Rangers won their titles on the pitch, and that additional money didn’t give them any sporting advantage.

The Warbmeister should consider his position as Sevco manager. Clumpaneers should check whether the press mean ‘he should walk away without a payoff’, or whether they think he should definitely receive his contractual entitlement.

The board can’t trust Warbo with a transfer budget even though they gave him an improved contract last year. Like the former City trader, the board has to live and ‘die’ by their decisions. If Warburton has proved to be a disappointment, then they should terminate his contract by agreement, and should never hope that media criticism might drive him away without seeking a payoff.

Warburton should think about what his performance at Sevco is doing for his prospects of ever getting a prominent role in England. Scottish sports hacks should think about whether their coverage of Warbo and Sevco is hindering their chances of ever getting a job as a journalist. 😉

I hope that this guide will prove helpful to you all in the coming days.