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Warbo Warns Organic Carrots Won’t Be Sold Cheaply As He Slams Lack of Appreciation For Farmers’ Markets

“Get yer carrots here! Lovely fresh organic carrots!”
Warburton spoke after retail shocktroops Lidl launched a carrot price war just down the road from the Ibrox Farmers’ Market where he often sells his wares.

By A Hack Who Drew The Short Straw.

Rangers* manager and noted home-grown produce trader Mark Warburton has warned that organic carrots will not be allowed to leave his stall on the cheap.

Warburton claims that proper home-grown, pesticide-free vegetables in Scotland are undervalued, but he has no intention of letting any of his be sold for a bargain price.

The Daily Piss-Take revealed last week how retail juggernaut Lidl had launched a £6m move to sell industrial scale-grown carrots near Ibrox; and premier league supermarkets such as as Tesco and Sainsbury’s have also been linked with similar moves.

The organic carrots have about eight days left until they go off, and Warburton insists he will fight to keep them on display.

He told Manure Talk magazine: “These organic lovelies have turned out brilliantly, and I have no doubt that they have a big sale in them. Perhaps to an trendy cafe, or to a family who want to build a snowman with a sustainably-produced nose. You very much hope it happens but in the growing game you can’t control that.

“There are no fears that these carrots will be sold cheaply to compete with the supermarkets. Not with all my hours of digging, my weeding performance, and my love, care and commitment to producing the tastiest of vegetables.

“You look at the prices being paid in the supermarkets and you can see why mass-grown, chemical-spayed carrots might seem to represent value. But my job is to keep my best organic carrots on sale here, and if any leave they will leave for top prices.

“I think there is a lack of appreciation for the Scottish organic market. I think there is an unnecessary derogatory stance or view sometimes of the more expensive but unsullied vegetables.

“You can see why in certain aspects but there are a lot of very talented growers up here and you want consumers exposed to the highest possible standard of locally-produced food.

“I hope very much that I keep my best carrots until someone is prepared to pay top dollar for them.”

Warburton is not surprised about the excitement surrounding extremely cheap non-organic carrots in the supermarkets.

“They are orange in appearance, with a long shelf-life. And I guess if you work in their production it could be a delight to watch them grow and sell,” said the Ibrox boss, whose stall aims to follow up its success last year in giving away one turnip by actually selling something one day soon.

“I have no problems with supermarket vegetables whatsoever. But I want to keep working hard every weekend on my allotment and watch my wholesome organic goodies continue to thrive in the days and weeks ahead”.

Mark Warburton was unable to offer further comment to Manure Talk magazine because a passer-by stopped to ask him for directions to Lidl.


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