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The Epic Sevco Super Saga

Good Evening.

Once in a while STV provides some great unwitting comedy. And so it was today with the following Tweet, which linked to their regular round-up of Scottish transfer rumours and stories.

The article referred to the latest piece of infotainment from the Daily Record about RB Leipzig’s alleged ‘£6m interest’ in Sevco’s Barrie McKay.

STV’s question “Is Barrie McKay’s possible Rangers* exit turning into the saga of this window?” is absolute comedy gold! Its humour comes from the questions that it prompts:

1) What possible exit?

2) What saga?

3) Who is Barrie McKay?

As far as we can tell, there have been no bids or genuine enquiries into either McKay’s availability, or his potential transfer fee. As such, there can’t possibly be a saga. Yes, there have been a lot of articles in the Record and elsewhere claiming that there is interest and that something might happen. But it’s all about as substantial as the feathers on an ethereal dodo’s backside.

Frankly, you don’t even need to focus on the alleged £6m price tag to be rolling around on the floor laughing. But as I’ve mentioned it, does anyone seriously buy the idea that McKay could be sold for that amount any time soon? He only has eighteen months left on his contract, and although he certainly has his moments as a decent player, he has a less impressive CV than Clark Kent applying for a job in a Krpytonite-processing factory.

In my previous blog, I wrote about the prevalence of ‘alternate facts’ and ‘post-truth’ analysis in the Scottish sports media. I find it quite sinister. But this McKay gibberish appears to be something else entirely. Oozing steaming bullsh*t smeared across a huge number of column inches.

And to what effect?

It doesn’t seem to be having much success in drumming up interest in McKay from other ‘clubs’ to help ease Sevco’s finances, if that is the intention.

But what it does do is make us snort with derision at media which really could make an important contribution to our game by championing its many attributes and by holding its governing bodies to account. 

You have to wonder whether they really do want to end up soliciting our contempt on a daily basis…

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I am off to write some scripts for an epic new movie franchise. The working title is ‘The Clumpany Sagas’, and the films may include:

No Interview With The Vampire: He Didn’t Turn Up.

Still Here With The Light Breeze.

Where Sparrows Didn’t Fancy Risking It.

The Blizzard Of Oz: Yellow Brick Road Closed Due To Snowdrifts. 

Mike Bassett: Not Related To Bertie.

Pet Farter.

The Empire Bikes To The Match.

Boakie And The Sand Pit.

Sam Torrance Of Arabia.

I have a good feeling that the rights to these stories could easily attract a £6m bid…


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