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Warbo’s Top Secret Flight To Spain

Good Afternoon.

Who doesn’t love a good riddle?

The Clumpany certainly enjoys having something to ponder, and I would like to share a brain teaser which has been written on a slip of paper and placed inside one of this year’s Clumpany Christmas crackers.

“When is a secret flight to Spain not a secret flight to Spain?”.

Any ideas?


Then allow me to tell you the most likely answer.

“When it’s part of a Daily Record exclusive about The Warbmeister’s January transfer plans for Sevco.”

You may remember this piece which appeared in the Record two days ago:

Mark Warburton heads downstairs to meet Stilton as he steps up bid to land late-night cheese snack

Sorry, that was my parody of it.

Or was the actual Record article the real comedy piece? I’ll leave you to decide that…

Mark Warburton jets out to meet Jota as Rangers step up bid to land Spanish playmaker

The Record’s report contained the following passages:

“Mark Warburton has stepped up his move to land priority January target Jota Peleteiro by flying to Spain to hold face-to-face talks with the winger.

Record Sport understands Warburton made the secret trip at some point in the last seven days in a bid to personally persuade the 25-year-old to move to Glasgow.”

It all sounded very serious and clandestine. And fair play to all involved for keeping it so secret that it was only splashed across a prominent tabloid newspaper. That really is ‘keeping things under wraps’.

But clearly, if Warbo had ‘jetted out’ to pursue his target then there must be some substance to the story.

Mustn’t there?

Which made it all the more surprising to read the remarks from Warbo’s press conference yesterday, when he was asked about his interest in the former Brentford player:

And Warburton is keen to get down to business when the window opens and add further strength and depth to his Ibrox squad.

“I was in Spain earlier this week, apparently, which is quite remarkable,” he said when asked about any interest in Jota.


Even the Scottish S*n picked up on his comments:

“Played down reports he’s visited Spain” is quite a line isn’t it?

If Warbo didn’t visit Spain, then the Daily Record really needs to have a word with the person who gave them the ‘understanding’ that he did. The manager of the club upon which the future of our national sport depends being out of the country is not something which is easy to misunderstand!

I can’t, for example, readily imagine a scenario in which Ibrox sources thought Warbo had gone to Spain, but it then turned out that he was actually in the bathroom dealing with an extreme case of constipation.

Although you never know…

Hopefully someone can produce the flight tickets and some details of his Spanish itinerary to firm up the story? Or confirm that Warburton now has comfortably-loose bowels and that the Ibrox drains managed to cope with the recent strain.

It would be a terrible thing if this story resulted in us all being able to smell shite. 😉


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