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The Biggest Exclusive Of The Year

Watergate? Big deal…

Good Afternoon. 

So, we got to late on December 21 before the biggest story of the year was broken. And fair play to the much-maligned Scottish sports media for breaking it.

Credit where it’s due, in a year when Brexit, the US election, war, and all manner of celebrity deaths have dominated the headlines it’s quite an achievement to come up with something which… errr… trumps everything else.

I must admit that when I read the news it absolutely blew my ethereal mind. I could barely comprehend the hours of graft which must have gone into delivering the exclusive to end all exclusives. 

All those clandestine meetings, the prolonged working of carefully-cultivated sources, and the endless hours of wading through secret documents. You can only salute the industry involved, and if a stream of awards don’t end up going to the author and his newspaper there is no justice in this world. It would be an utter disgrace.

The piece is so majestic that I am going to take the unusual step of reproducing it in full in this blog.

Brace yourselves. For the rest of your days you will always remember where you were when you read this article. It provides not so much a ‘JFK’ moment, but a full-blown ‘WTF?’ moment.

Here goes…


I am sure you will agree that tickets going on sale for Sevco’s Scottish Cup tie against Motherwell is an epic story worthy of not only a Chief Football Writer, but the finest journalists ever to assault a keyboard.


I must admit however, that the piece did make me fear for the Evening Shark-Jump’s income streams. Because if this sort of article is being produced by the paper’s top talent then surely there will be no need for Sevco to take out any advertising for the fixture?

But it’s great news for Sevco even though they are already rolling in cash!

Whatever next?

Printing the Evening Shark-Jump on sheet metal which coincidentally can be used to help repair the Ibrox roofs? 

Free beams, brackets and bolts for every Sevconian reader, to be stored at Ibrox ‘for safekeeping’?

An ESJ ‘build a Sevco war chest competition’, to be judged on the Ibrox pitch, with all entries to be put on…err… ‘permanent display’ at the ‘club’?

Whether we will get to see any actual news about Sevco remains to be seen, however.

Personally, I am not getting my hopes up…