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Impressive Words

“I’ve got some more words here!”

Good Afternoon. 

It seems that The Warbmeister’s talents extend way beyond merely being a former City trader and the most talented football manager in the Galaxy, Twix or Double Decker (which you can buy for 70p, or watch online for 99p).

He’s also got good words. Impressive words in fact. Absolutely top-drawer, stellar, amazing, brilliant, life-changing, epoch-defining words.

Godlike, awe-inspiring, earth-shattering, mind-blowing, world-rocking words.

Super, great, smashing, Jim Bowen-saluting words.

Words so good that the leaders of all the world’s religion are prepared to bow down and worship them.

Words so astounding that it seems as though Warbo is giving the whole world the most inspiring team-talk ever declaimed.

Words that leave dictionaries and thesauruses weeping with joy and wanting to go on a diet.

If Donald Trump were to claim that he has the best words, Warbo could quite easily step forward and say “No Mr President-Elect, I think you will find that I have the best words”. And Trump would have no choice but to show unprecedented humility and bow down before Warbo’s superior war chest of wordiness.

Long and short, hyphenated and abbreviated, no one can touch Warbo’s words, wonderful as they are with their world-leading qualities.

If you want an adverb, Warbo is -respectfully – your man.

If you seek a gerund (and let’s face it, a number of teams would still like to sign Steven even though he has retired having long-since passed his Liverpool best) why not ask Warbo, who is always up for some whining?

Nouns are no big thing for Warbo. In fact they are all kinds of things.

And as for verbs, Warbo can easily give you the contact details of his parsleymonious chairman.

Mark Warburton IS the man, chap, fellow, bloke and guy when it comes to words.

And if you don’t believe me, ask Tom English.