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One Hundred Trophies And All The Bills Paid

Good Evening. 
[*Pauses to allow folk to get angry that I have only got around to talking about my ‘own team’ in the third blog since the League Cup final*]

There? Is that better?



Congratulations to Celtic on winning the League Cup yesterday in pretty comfortable fashion. And commisserations to Aberdeen who – despite losing by a decent margin – continue to be on the ‘up’ from where they were a few years ago, and who are definitely the second-strongest outfit in Scotland.

Unless you count Dave King’s outfits. They seem to be very strong indeed. So strong in fact that they seem impervious to all attempts to get him to remove his wallet and spend his children’s inheritance. 😉

And let’s not forget Paul Murray’s barber’s. That hair-excellence-providing outfit must be in an almost perpetual stage of boom.

Oh and of course Rangers* Retail. Now there’s an outfit with strong performance. For this man:

But I digress. Yesterday was a great occasion and I for one did not miss having a Sevco circus distracting from the football and the displays in the stands. 

The ‘100’ display was magnificent and I really hope the Dons fans managed to safely land all the aircraft guided in by their red flags. 😉

Picture by @ETimsNet

Like the vast majority of humanity and the Clumposphere I have nothing but contempt for the child abuse-themed banners, but I greatly enjoyed these ones:

Photo from @jftbrian

Aside from the result, and possibly the performance of Scott Brown (who is going have to officially change his name to ‘The Immense’ if he keeps playing like that), my favourite bit of the day was Brendan Rodgers speaking outside Celtic Park last night.

Brendan Rodgers Speaks!

Anyone who thinks there can’t be much joy in winning cups when you have the best-resourced team in the country should watch that clip and hopefully change their opinion. 

For Rodgers, the players and the fans, yesterday had that rarest of things about it: sheer magic. And that is absolutely priceless, despite Keith Jackson referring to ‘trinkets’ in today’s Daily Record.

Brendan Rodgers and the players have a mantra about building and remind us all the time that the side is far from the ‘finished article’. That’s an exciting prospect and despite unsurprisingly  struggling in the group stages of the Champions League*, the encouraging signs of considerable progress are already there for all to see. [*Woohoo! The Champions League!]

I suspect that no one in the Celtic dressing room would openly admit to viewing yesterday’s cup win as moment for self-congratulation. And who knows, they may not actually hold that view at all. But for me it seemed to mark the end of the preliminary stages of Rodgers’ reign.

Celtic’s competitive season kicked off on 12 July with THAT 1-0 defeat by Lincoln Red Imps. However, in the months since then, a team (with a defence!) has been forged, banana skins have been dodged, top-level European football has been savoured, and a lengthy unbeaten domestic run has been enjoyed. 

That’s a hell of a lot to achieve in just over four months! To me it felt like yesterday topped ‘the beginning’ off in style. And it seemed very appropriate (and classy) to get all the staff up on the podium with the players and cup.

Well done to everyone involved in getting a revitalised Celtic up and thriving again!

Now get back to work and keep on improving!


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