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A Blog About Child Abuse 

Good Afternoon.

If you managed to read beyond the title of this piece, I offer you my thanks. Because I have a serious point to make.

Over the years the judicious use of the ‘block’ button has helped The Clumpany to avoid the worst ravings of the zoomermost roasters on Twitter. They may be a minority but these are the type of folk whose brains seem to have bypassed Quality Control at the factory. The sort of individuals for whom conscience, morality and consideration for other human beings are curses which they are relieved to be without.

In short, you might choose to call them the scum of the earth.

In particular, my ire is directed to those who revel, delight, shout their glee and most probably hold a celebratory party at the opportunity to laugh at and score cheap points about child abuse.

Let’s be absolutely clear about this.

Anyone who abuses another human being for whatever reason and in whatever way is an absolute abomination and deserves everything the law can throw at them.

I am not going to draw up a hierarchy of ‘the worst sort of abuse’. Because they are all horrendous, and lists tend to trivialise things. Nevertheless, there is something particularly appalling about young people being abused for the gratification of adults who are in positions of authority or power. It is a breach of trust and a horrific violation.

And anyone who can be shown to have covered it up deserves to have the full force of the law thrown at them as well.

I hope that is clear and unambiguous enough for any of the hard-of-thinking who may stumble upon this blog and have it read out to them (presumably with the longer words carefully explained).

The recent revelations about the experiences of some youth players in England have brought the issue of child abuse in football back into the spotlight. While we would all prefer that such disgusting things had never happened, it is good to see the truth emerging. Let us hope that those responsible can be held to account, and the victims offered support.

Worryingly, it is being suggested that the recent revelations are just the tip of an appalling iceberg. We will have to see what happens, but hopefully justice will prevail and anyone who has suffered will be offered help.

Most rational folk have looked at recent developments with a feeling of horror, and experienced an overwhelming desire to see the truth uncovered and acted upon.

But not the worst of the morons who lurk on Twitter and elsewhere. These folk see a golden opportunity to have a bit of fun (because child abuse is an absolute hoot isn’t it?) and score points against opposition clubs. The most obvious example is those who are fixated on Celtic FC over some appalling past events. Events which have been investigated and for which those responsible were punished. But there are morons ‘supporting’ all clubs whose behaviour is just as bad.

The jibes of these invertebrates have been popping up all over Twitter in response to comments about the latest news, and completely randomly in the middle of unrelated conversations about the state of Scottish football. You can practically feel their trembling sweaty excitement at the possibility of being able to make hay over some appalling crimes.

And all of this is done with absolutely no consideration for the victims of abuse or their families. People who had their lives damaged or ruined in the most appalling way, and who continue to live with the consequences of it every hour of every single day.

I have no doubt that they are absolutely devastated to see their trauma being treated as ‘banter’ by pond life who can’t get through the day without being utterly consumed by their need to ‘score’ the very cheapest of morally bankrupt points against a football club.

Child abuse is utterly abhorrent.

No ifs, no buts.

The people who perpetrate it are disgusting. They deserve no sympathy and should be hauled before the courts.

But if you think child abuse is funny or valid grounds for pursuing a sordid little vendetta against a football club then you need to take a long hard look at yourself. Assuming you can see any sort of reflection in the mirror.

Because you make the plight of the victims much worse and are a disgrace to whatever shred of humanity you purport to possess.

Thanks for reading.