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Good Afternoon.

The Clumpany fears that spin isn’t as pricey as it used to be.

The amount in the title of this blog represents the recent deterioration in the financial ‘value’ of stories intended to excite fans of Ibrox-based outfits.

Once upon a time (in 2010) the story was about a billionaire. A billionaire who was going to spend £30m to buy the now-defunct Rangers Football Club.

Whatever happened to James Traynor?

Scots billionaire Craig Whyte set to buy Rangers for £30m

Happy days! Big impressive numbers all over the place and a bright future ahead for the boys in Light Blue!


And now, six years later, with a new club calling itself ‘Rangers’, we see the following crowd-agitating piece in the very same newspaper.

One quid a year plus VAT: Mike Ashley’s outrageous 10-year deal to flog gear from Rangers Megastore revealed


Oh dear…

The story may be about a much smaller quantum of money, but it is still on the front page. And it is just as laughable to those of us who can’t help but gape at a couple of football clubs whose image-management seems to be on a par with that of the insecure government of a small country. And in the specific case of Sevco, a loss-making country with no credit line from a bank.

I look forward to the trend continuing in another few years, with the startling revelation that a third ‘Rangers’ has found enough rusty nails in a junkyard to begin constructing a new stadium.

War chest-tastic!
It will be front-page news for sure!