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Sevco WILL Win The League

“Hello. I’d like to book an open-top bus and a banner that says ‘at least we tried'”

Good Evening.

Here is the news. Courtesy of Scotland’s sports pages in recent months…


Sevco WILL win the league.

Or perhaps finish second.

Yes, they’ll definitely be runners-up.

We think.



Or perhaps third. Which wouldn’t be too bad.

Yes, third would be quite a good outcome from their first season ‘back’ in the top flight.

Then again, a top four finish would be respectable given the massive rebuilding job that is being done at Sevco.

No, actually second place is the minimum requirement. After all, Sevco are much bigger than Aberdeen, Hearts etc.

What do you mean ‘second place’? This is Rangers* and they should always be at the top!

The gap to Celtic can be closed! Sevco aren’t out of this yet.

But perhaps second place would be a great achievement in the circumstances?

Sevco can consolidate this season, put some pressure on Celtic and then win the league next season.

On the other hand, third wouldn’t be so bad. In fact, it would be a resounding success and make a statement of intent upon their Premiership ‘return’.

Then again, it is only fair to acknowledge that some of these Premiership sides really know what they are doing. Sevco can’t expect to turn them over week-in and week-out just yet. A top-four finish would be great while the board’s investment continues to take effect.

Actually come to think of it, a top-six position would be a very creditable performance.

Certainly better than being in the bottom six.

But Sevco could take ‘bottom six’ without any embarrassment whatsoever if necessary. It’s all about being able to win the league next season. Just as long as they avoid being in the bottom two, all will be well.

Mind you, winning a relegation playoff would demonstrate the sort of fighting spirit for which Rangers* are famous. It would be like winning a Cup and set them up for a title tilt next year.

And relegation would be OK too. A chance to completely transform the team, get promoted and then win the league the season after. It would be brilliant!

But second place this season would be fantastic. Probably better than actually winning the league.

Although winning the league shouldn’t be beyond ANY Rangers* side.

They can do this! They really can do this! 

The title is coming to Ibrox!

Or do we mean second place?

Or third?

Whatever happens, we will cheer as though Sevco have won the Champions League!