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Evening Shark-Jump In Dramatic ‘Title-Stripping’ Call

Good Evening.

First of all, The Clumpany would like to offer an apology in relation to the above headline.

The ESJ, hasn’t actually called for any honours to to be stripped from the ‘same club’.

However, I felt that the title was appropriately revisionist and satirical to be worth posting as a suitably lame tribute to my favourite attempted newspaper. Particularly given the ESJ finest’s  response to Phil Mac Giolla Bhain’s latest blog.

The Grail Knights of Planet Fitba go forth

Here is what the ESJ’s premier Sevco corespondent had to say:

I must admit that I was shocked by the above Tweet. Indeed, I was shaken to my ethereal core.

Because if I’d known that noted prolific Sunday tweeter Chris Jack had been keeping an eye on the Football Blogging Awards I would have asked him for a vote in the recent poll! In fact, I would have requested a plug in one of his articles in order to maximise my Sevconian support!

FFS I could have cornered the Shark-Jumping market!

Oh well.

And as for Phil… Presumably if the FBAs feel that they are owed some sort of repayment, he can liquidate, not pay, and cling on to his trophy? Isn’t that how things usually work in Evening Shark-Jumpville?

Having missed my chance to fully bond with Chris, perhaps I had no choice but to  attempt to engage with Keith Jackson, who also responded pretty quickly to Phil’s blog tonight:

Here is my feeble attempt to reach out and seek clarification.

And to be fair to Keith he replied

If I were in a position to ask any supplementary questions, I might also probe whether there had been any communication with PR operatives regarding the ‘line to take’ in latter-day pieces about Stewart Regan.

Clarification that no PR influence was attempted or embraced would be welcome, and would close the matter down, especially as many Clumpaneers were quite struck by this Record piece:

Scotland’s problems run deeper than Gordon Strachan and it’s time to take aim at the SFA blazers

I naturally assume that I am wrong in my scepticism. However, I suspect that my chances of getting a definitive reply are about as likely as STV’s Grant Russell explaining why he hasn’t reported on the Offshore Game report and the UEFA ‘new club/ company’ letter…