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Absolutely No Panic Whatsoever

Good Afternoon.

Yesterday’s blog was about the views of ‘Rangers legend’ Peter McCloy who seemed fixated on Sevco stopping Celtic from winning a treble this season and then preventing ten titles-in-a-row. As I remarked, it seemed quite telling that there wasn’t a single word in the Daily Record piece about delivering glory for Sevco and the fans who’ve followed it through thin and thinner for its entire four year history. 

It was all about stopping Celtic.

Well, by pure coincidence the Deedmeister himself, John Brown has popped up in the Record and Evening Shark-Jump today to reassure beleaguered Sevco fans that Celtic won’t get to ten-in-a-row. If I was a cynical ethereal entity, I might spot a PR-driven pattern emerging here. But thankfully I am not…

Here are some extracts from the Daily Record piece: 

Rangers legend John Brown says he doesn’t fear Celtic will go on to win Ten In A Row

JOHN BROWN insists Rangers will loosen Celtic’s grip on the Premiership title long before 10 in a row.

The Ibrox legend believes Light Blues boss Mark Warburton’s rebuild remains a work in progress but maintains he’s the right man for the job. Bomber threw his weight behind the Englishman getting it right and ensuring the Hoops don’t add many more to their five consecutive league championships. He said: “I don’t worry about 10 in a row. Can you hold your breath for four years? It’s a long time, a lot of things can change.
Rangers will be a force again next season and will be a hell of a lot stronger. The manager is getting to grips with what is required for the Premiership. It’s about winning games.

You’re in a city with two teams – well actually you’re in a country with two teams. No disrespect to the rest but none of them is going to win the Premiership – it’s either Rangers or Celtic.

Celtic have the financial advantage, especially with the Champions League money, but you have to remember they reinvested in a new manager when the previous one was a short-term thing and the team suffered.

They’ll continue to look to get young guys in that they can move on in a couple of years for a big profit. Moussa Dembele has been a great signing, for example.”
“It will take time to close the gap because we need to build the club back up again. This season it was always going to be a tall order to be challenging Celtic. Who is to say the gap won’t close?

Realistically, second place will be a great result for this club this season. This club is all about winners but from where we’ve been in recent years it was always going to take time.”
“You are going to get stick when you’re managing the Old Firm. I think Mark has done very well. He got us through the Championship, got us to the Scottish Cup Final and beat Celtic along the way. After that the fans perhaps got a bit carried away. I always say we need to assess after the first quarter, see where we have to improve. Saturday was the most convincing win and performance we’ve had all season.”

If you are a fan of any club outwith Celtic and Sevco, you are probably (rightly) annoyed by Brown echoing McCloy in dismissing you all as perpetual also-rans! What a cheek! Especially from someone whose ‘same club’ financially doped and cheated its way to a stack of trophies.

And you can only laugh at Brown joining the rest of the Sevco commentariat in rowing back from its earlier assertions that Sevco were Celtic’s ‘title rivals’ this season. Still, at least it helped to sell season tickets and gave us that ‘Going for 55’ tifo to laugh at until the end of time…

Whatever prompted both McCloy and Brown to comment on the prospect of Celtic winning  ten-in-a-row, it is absolutely clear that neither of them, or indeed anyone else in Sevconia is worried about Celtic having a very lengthy period of domestic dominance on the back of 

  • vastly superior finances,
  • better players,
  • a quality manager; and 
  • a stadium which has no supporting sellotape attached to it.

No siree! Everyone is completely relaxed! 

In fact they are in a state of such Zen-like calm that Ibrox is now at risk of being mistaken for a Buddhist temple. Brown doesn’t walk around with a stash of distress flares which spell out the words “FFS Please Find Us A Sugar Daddy ASAP” when fired, and he doesn’t spend his evenings in a lifeboat anxiously peering through a telescope looking for approaching war chest-laden ships.

Clumpany sources inform me that at no point has Brown ever been spotted watching ‘Thunderbirds’ and shouting at the TV demanding that Jeff Tracy and the boys of International Rescue come to ra Gers’* aid. 

And I can exclusively confirm that all suggestions that Brown has been seen in deep conversation with the Green Cross Code Man are completely unfounded.

His mood is much more likely to be one of ‘Blue Rage’ than ‘Green Cross’… 😉

“Five-in-a-row, with five more to go…”




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