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Stopping Celtic At All Costs

Good Evening.

The Clumpany greatly enjoyed the sense of desperation in this page-filler from the Daily Record, which was absolutely perfect fodder for fretful Sevconians.
Rangers must close Celtic gap to show they can stop 10 in a row says Ibrox legend Peter McCloy

Another legend! How many do dead Rangers have?

I am sure McCloy had other fascinating insights to offer when speaking after a dinner where Jock Wallace was inducted into Scottish football’s Hall of Fame. However, the Record did not report them. 

Instead, it choose to unwittingly(?) convey a sense of the fear that must be gnawing away at many fans of the latest Ibrox outfit… And perhaps the Daily Record itself.

I speak of the NEED to stop Celtic. 

Not win things purely for the glory of Sevco, but simply to stop Celtic.

Here are a few choice extracts:

“PETER McCLOY insists Rangers must close the gap on Celtic in the league to show they are capable of stopping their rivals reaching 10 titles in a row.”

“McCloy said it was vital the Gers stop Celtic winning the Treble. But more importantly the 69-year-old wants Warburton’s men to close the gap at the top of the Premiership.”

“McCloy knows there is little chance of stopping a sixth title heading to Parkhead and his worry is them making it 10, so he wants to see signs his old club can challenge next season. McCloy said: ‘When I came to Rangers they hadn’t won a trophy for five seasons. Celtic had a great team but we often ran them close during that nine-in-a-row spell – the gap wasn’t the same as it is now.’

‘Rangers equalled Celtic’s nine in a row when people said it could never be done again but, if Celtic win 10 or more in a row now, that will surely never be repeated. They’ll have made it six by the end of this season so money will have to be spent to bring in the quality that’s needed so they can make a proper challenge.

Rangers need to challenge in order to give the fans some hope but where that money will come from I don’t know. Stopping the Treble this season is big but it’s more important to move them closer to where Celtic are now because there is a gulf.

Celtic haven’t had to work for their last few titles and we need to push them more. I still believe Rangers will finish second. Hearts and Aberdeen are mouthing off but I don’t see them being a threat.

Winning the League Cup would have been a big thing and you’d have taken a fluke result against Celtic in the semi-final just to get through. That makes the Scottish Cup the big one this season, most definitely. Apart from anything else, if Rangers can win it this season it will mean Celtic won’t have done the Treble.'”

Oh dear.

If Mr McCloy was auditioning for the role of ‘spokesman for the sleepless nights of 500 million Sevconians’ I think he just got the job! You can practically feel the worry that Celtic might actually be so far ahead of Sevco that they might never catch up.

It is noteworthy that the likes of Hearts and Aberdeen are sniffily dismissed as being no real challengers to Sevco for second place in the league, and I guffawed loudly when McCloy revealed his remedy for Sevconian ills: spending money. Lots of it. From somewhere. 

Do none of these legends ever ‘get it’ that such a sense of entitlement, determination to better Celtic whatever it took, and epic levels of unaffordable spending were what ultimately did for Rangers? Do they not understand that the sort of attitude conveyed in this piece helped to bring about the lame tribute act which has become the punchline of everyone else’s jokes?

I suspect not.

Where will the fixation with ‘stopping Celtic’ end? 

Are a group of Rangers legends going to try and stop the Hoops from boarding the team bus every week? 

Are they going to block the runway to stop Celtic from flying out for Champions League fixtures? 

Will they swap the canteen milk for water to stop Celtic players enjoying a world class breakfast? 

Will they disguise themselves as referees to stop Celtic from scoring goals? [Actually, no need for that… 😉]

Will they get jobs writing newspaper columns to fill up the available space and thereby stop positive coverage of Celtic’s success? [Actually, there’s no need for that either…].

And will they have a word with the Celtic board to try and stop them from pursuing the issues raised by Resolution 12? [This is getting silly now, isn’t it?]

I’ll leave you to savour the angst.


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