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Resolution 12: The Line In The Sand?

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As today’s must-read piece from @ETimsnet reports, the determined Resolution 12 requisitioners have apparently taken matters as far as they can. As many of you will know, they have put a huge amount of time, effort and no small amount of money into their work, and they deserve the applause of fans of all Scottish clubs.

Here is the piece in question, complete with the full UEFA ‘new club/ company’ letter which is the correspondence equivalent of Kryponite to Scotland’s woeful sports MSM.


I won’t repeat the content which ETims report, and I won’t go over the history of this saga, as I have already written numerous pieces about it. For example.

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However, I will highlight three matters of fundamental importance which are interrelated, and which deserve our attention. [NB I could have made a much longer list…]

  1. There appear to be huge unresolved questions around how dead Rangers were allowed to get a UEFA licence on the SFA’s watch for season 2011-12 when they appear to have had ‘overdue payables’ to the tax authorities of the United Kingdom. A situation which seems to have unfairly deprived Celtic of a place in the Champions League qualifiers.
  2. UEFA have made it clear that they will now only deal with a member club in this matter, having politely answered a number of shareholder questions; and
  3. Celtic have not said one word – one single word – in public about the issues raised by Resolution 12 since publishing an argument about why it wasn’t necessary ahead of the AGM when it was tabled and adjourned in 2013.

Yes. In 2013.

That’s three years ago. Celtic have had three different managers during that time, while (by contrast) the Chief Executive of the SFA has remained unchanged.

I’ve previously received a few pelters from folk for suggesting that this silence is unacceptable. As I have explained, I can see some merit in Celtic playing a long game and not showing their hand in public. But come on! Three years of epic silence while your customer base and shareholders get steadily more pissed off and become more and more convinced that the club wants the matter buried is utterly unacceptable!

Resolution 12 isn’t about trying to get one over on the authorities or score points against either dead Rangers or Sevco. It is about whether Scottish football is an actual sport, and whether an investment in Celtic Football Club – be it financial or emotional – is worthwhile. If the board wishes to stand idly by and not follow up the Resolution 12 issues with UEFA, even if it means weathering a storm of criticism from the media and others, then they risk allowing our national sport to be thrown in the dustbin and our investments to be decimated.

And if they don’t ultimately have the courtesy to explain why they are not going to talk to UEFA then they will deserve our contempt. No matter how good the new manager is and no matter how exciting the rejuvenated team is to watch.

Some things are more important that mere football.

This is looking like a potential ‘line in the sand’ moment. The Celtic board can either say ‘never again’ and try to stand up for everything they purport to represent as the guardians of a great football club which has notions of fairness embedded in its DNA. Or they can shrug their shoulders and wallow in being just another set of football ‘suits’.

Which is it to be?


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