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The Gospel According To The Evening Shark-Jump

Good Afternoon.

The Clumpany actually coughed and spluttered when reading the latter part of this piece in yesterday’s Evening Shark-Jump:

Joey Barton has been good value for Press and punters but a disaster deal for Rangers

Here is the section in question, quoted in full. I like how it begins with the phrase “AND ANOTHER THING…” as if we have joined proceedings in the middle of a rant…


The Armed Forces were welcomed back to Ibrox on Saturday as Rangers marked Remembrance Day ahead of their Premiership fixture with Kilmarnock.

Six members of the Army, the Navy and the RAF joined the 207 (City of Glasgow) Battery, part of 105 Regiment Royal Artillery, on the park for the minute silence, while funds from a can collection will be donated to PoppyScotland.

A ‘Lest We Forget’ display in the Sandy Jardine Stand was a poignant backdrop as a 49,000 strong crowd paid their respects.

There will be similar scenes the length and breadth of the nation in the coming weeks as football honours those that paid the ultimate sacrifice serving their country.

Not every club will go to the lengths that Rangers did at the weekend, but all clubs should mark Remembrance weekend.

And it is certainly not too much to ask every supporter of every club to fall silent for 60 seconds. An act of decency should not be beyond you just because you have a football shirt on.”


I am not going to go rehearse all the familiar points about the possible hypocrisy of the ‘same club’ which deprived Her Majesty of millions of pounds of taxes making a virtue of its respect for the armed forces. However, I really hope the author of the piece managed to dwell upon that issue when highlighting the ‘lengths’ the Ibrox outfit went to on Saturday.

But what I will comment upon is the preachy tone of the piece, which gives the impression that at least one of the desks in Shark-Jump Towers has been replaced by a pulpit.

“All clubs should mark Remembrance weekend”.



Whatever happened to freedom of expression? And when the piece says ‘clubs’, does that mean a three-line whip should be imposed upon all players, staff and fans to join in and behave in the prescribed way?

“An act of decency should not be beyond you just because you have a football shirt on.”

Personally I will be marking Rememberance Sunday in my own way and wearing a poppy. However, that is my decision and the whys and wherefores of it have nothing to do with anyone else.

By the same token, I see no reason to poke my ethereal nose into the personal decisions of others. Remembrance of anything (not just of those who died while serving in the Armed Forces is a deeply personal thing) and people should be free to make their own choices. 

Of course, basic respect for others suggests it would be inappropriate to actively disrupt someone when they are having a private moment of personal reflection. 

However, hoping folk display a bit of decorum and respect others’ choices, is not the same thing as everyone being required to behave in a particular way at a specified moment in an organised “act of decency” just because ‘those who know best’ say so…

Finally, while we are on the subject of preaching, a vacancy for a new Spiritual Advisor has arisen at Clumpany Towers following the resignation of the current incumbent.

Applications should be submitted on the back of a Petrofac Cup final ticket stub. No time-wasters please.