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FBA Voting Is Now Closed


Good Evening.

Voting in the Football Blogging Awards 2016 has now closed. Many thanks for all your support (both human and ‘bot’!). It means a lot to me. The results will be announced on 17 November. Good luck to everyone involved in the various categories!



The Clumpany


Good Afternoon.

Unfortunately, I lack confidence in the ability of my thousands of bought votes to deliver success (those bots can be so unreliable, and I am told that the counting software filters them out…). Consequently, The Clumpany needs to make one final appeal to actual real live human beings to vote for me in the ‘Best New Football Blog’ category of the Football Blogging Awards. Voting closes today, at 6pm.

The competition is tough, and so I am absolutely delighted to have even made the final.

You can (and should!) vote in BOTH of the following ways:

  • Completing the form on the FBA website by clicking here and selecting ‘The Clumpany’ from the appropriate drop-down menu; and
  • On twitter, by clicking here

For the avoidance of doubt, Twitter votes should look like this:

I am voting in @TheFBAs for @TheClumpany as the Best #New Football Blog

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