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The Magic Gap

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You won’t be surprised to hear that The Clumpany was pleased with the outcome of yesterday’s Celtic v Sevco League Cup semi-final. I will leave others who better understand one end of a football court from another to unpick the drama and incident. 

However, there can be little doubt that despite a spirited defensive display and decent performances from Clint Hill and goalkeeper Matt Gilks, Sevco were comprehensively outplayed. Of course, the only statistic that actually matters is the final score, and Sevco did indeed hold Celtic to a slender 1-0 win. That said, as anyone who has seen the other statistics for the game (or indeed who watched it!) will know, it was a thoroughly one-sided affair which Celtic should perhaps have won more handsomely. You know that, I know that, and most media commentators also know that too.

However (and you knew there was a ‘however’ coming, didn’t you?!), The Warbmeister remarked in his post-match interview with BT Sport that the gap was narrowing between his side and the Scottish Champions. 

How astonishing is that, eh? Mark Warburton actually spoke to BT Sport… 😉

But I digress… Warbo set his team up not to get hammered again, and he succeeded. However, the ‘gap’ between the sides was just as big as it was at Celtic Park a few weeks ago. And just as big as you night expect it to be between two sides (one newly-promoted) which are seven points and four places apart in the league at an early stage in the season.

Getting closer to Brendan Rodgers every day

Warbo’s view was reinforced by his heroic keeper Matt Gilks who remarked on the comments made about Sevco following the 5-1 defeat to Celtic. He suggested that there was no gulf in class between the teams, and stated that Sevco actually outplayed Celtic at times yesterday.

Quite how Gilks managed to form that view given that he was running, diving, catching and hoofing the ball for the entire game is anyone’s guess!

It’s all a bit bizarre.

Nevertheless, The Clumpany is greatly enjoying the new mantra of there ‘not being much of a gap’ between Sevco and Celtic. Indeed, it is particularly pleasing to see Warbo making the best of the sort of perspective which has previously caused him no end of problems.

It is a little-known fact that prior to becoming a City Trader, The Warbmeister had a stint as a tour guide in the USA. It didn’t go well. He was fired on the first day having been posted to the Grand Canyon where he kept telling visitors that there was nothing to see there. No gap in the landscape whatsoever…

He also nearly missed out on the Brentford manager’s post when he initially announced his intention to commute in from the moon everyday. His insistence that there is no real distance between the the lunar surface and Griffin Park had the board wondering what sort of person they were dealing with.

As we all know, however, Warbo’s career has subsequently gone from strength to strength. Indeed, he has much to be thankful for. In his current post as manager of a side closing in on Real Madrid’s record eleven European Cups, Warbo must take great comfort from knowing that there is absolutely no gap between the inheritance-blowing rhetoric and actual investment of his Chairman. And he has rarely been closer to his marquee signing Joey Barton. The chasm between them is narrowing by the second and there are even suggestions that Warbo might be Barton’s ‘plus one’ when he goes to pick up his inevitable Scottish Player of the Year trophies in due course.

These are certainly exciting times for Warburton and Sevco as things which once seemed distant draw ever-nearer. The way it’s going, it surely can’t be long before Warbo closes the gap between himself and the basic concept of respectfulness in sport by sincerely congratulating Hibs on their Scottish Cup victory and Celtic on their dominant display at Hampden Park yesterday…

Can it?


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