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No Questions For Warbo

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Apparently Jim Traynor and Mark Warburton went out for a meal after this afternoon’s highly successful Sevco press conference. The Clumpany has seen a hastily-written transcript of their conversation, which may actually be entirely fictional and satirical: 😉


JT: “Well I thought that went well, Mark”

MW: “Did it, Jim?”

JT: “Yes. We showed them. Asking questions – repeatedly – about Joey Barton. We stopped them in their tracks”.

MW: “I thought I was doing OK, Jim. I was just going to keep saying ‘no comment’ until they asked about something else. It seemed the respectful thing to do”.

JT: “Mark. Listen to me. We can’t have the press asking questions that we’ve forbidden”.

MW: “But it was fine, Jim…”

JT: “No it wasn’t Mark. And that’s an end to it. They won’t mess us around next time”.

MW: “But…” 

JT: “ENOUGH! Now, where’s the waiter? Ah, here he is…”

Waiter [to JT]: “What can I get you to drink, Sir?”

JT: “I’ll have a large mineral water please. Sparkling. Like my copy used to be!”.

Waiter [to MW]: “And what would you like Sir?”

JT: “Don’t ask him that question!”

Waiter [to JT]: “I beg your pardon, Sir?”

JT: “You heard. Don’t ask him that question”.

Waiter [to JT]: “Very well, Sir. Would you like to order your food now?”

JT: “No. We will take a few minutes to think, thank you”.

Waiter [to JT]: “Very well Sir. I can recommend the la…”

JT: “Stop right there! I’ve heard that so-called ‘joke’ every single time I have been in a restaurant since I wrote that article…”

Waiter [to MW]: “Are you sure I can’t get you anything, Sir”.

JT: “Did you not hear what I said? No questions!”

Waiter [to JT]: “As you wish”.

[*Waiter wanders off*]

JT: “That told him!”

MW: “I’m thirsty. Jim”.

JT: “I’ll let you have some of my water, Mark”.

MW: “But…”

JT: “Be quiet and look at the menu”.

[*Several minutes silently pass…*]

[*Waiter returns with mineral water*]

Waiter [to JT]: “There you go Sir. One mineral water. Now, can I take your order please?”

JT: “Yes, I’ll have the tomato soup, followed by the steak. Well done. Just like my copy always used to be!”

Waiter [to MW]: “And what would you like, Sir?”.

JT [*Exasperated*]: “Not this again! No questions please! He’s not going to answer you”.

MW: “I don’t mind, Jim”

JT: “Shush! Let me deal with the communications.”

Waiter [to JT]: “Sir, please! What would your respectful friend like to eat.”

JT: “Why are you asking me that?”

Waiter [to JT]: “So you can ask your friend what he would like to eat, and then I can ask the kitchen to prepare it for him”

JT: “Oh, it’s like that is it?! You want to get around my clear instructions by asking me to ask Mr Warburton some questions! Do I look like I was born yesterday?” 

Waiter [*Desparingly to JT*]: “Sir, please. I just want you both to have a nice meal, and for that I need to ask what you would like to eat”

JT: “Ask?! There you go again! More questions. Can you just get on with bringing our order please?”

Waiter [to JT]: “But your friend…?”

JT: “Any more of this and we will leave”

Waiter [to JT]: “Very well Sir”.

[*Waiter heads to kitchens*]

[*A long silence ensues while JT drinks his water*]

MW: “I’m hungry, Jim…”

JT: “And it looks like you might stay that way, Mark. We can’t have these folk thinking they can just ask you any old questions.”

MW: “And I am thirsty, Jim”.

JT [*Looks at empty glass and shakes his head*]: “Will you please stop grumbling, Mark? I bring you to a nice restaurant and all you can do is complain! Now, try and enjoy yourself”.

[*A lengthy silence ensues*]

MW: “You know, I WOULD have just kept saying ‘no comment’ this afternoon”.

JT: “Oh not this again. Look Mark, it’s done. Let it go. The press have been put in their place and we have a nice meal to look forward to”.

MW:I don’t. Have you got any Polos? I fancy something Minty.”

JT: “Are you taking the p*ss out of me?”.

MW: “No. I’m just hungry. And thirsty”.

JT: “Look. Here comes the waiter with my soup”

Waiter [to JT]: “One soup Sir…”

JT: “Thank you very much. Mmmm, this is very nice. You’d love it Mark.”

MW [*Forlornly*]: “Would I Jim? Would I?”

Waiter [to MW, enthusiastically]: “Yes you would Sir. YES. YOU. WOULD. I will get you some. And I didn’t even have to ask you a question, did I?!”

JT [*Stands up, looking annoyed, and steps towards the waiter*]: “Say that again, son. The last bit”

Waiter [*Squeakily*]: “I didn’t even have to ask you a question…”

JT: “Go on…”

Waiter: “Did… I…?”

JT: “Exactly! That was your final question. You were warned. We are leaving. Come on Mark. Mark! Now!”

MW [*Grabbing a bread roll from a nearby table as he follows JT out*]: “But I was going to say ‘no comment’, Jim! And I am hungry. And thirsty. Jim! Jim! Come back Jim!”


Should The Clumpany hear any more about Jim and Mark’s alleged culinary adventures, I will be sure to let you know.


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