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An Ode To Liquidation Deniers

Good Afternoon. [And please vote ‘Clumpany’!] 

It has come to The Clumpany’s attention that today is National Poetry Day. Despite being somewhat limited in the word department, I am always keen to join a party, so I thought I would throw together something silly on a familiar theme.

It is just a bit of mickey-taking fun rather than an attempted piece of art, so any passing literary critics may wish to disengage their brains for a short while…

Here it is:


An Ode To Liquidation Deniers

say the papers

“It’s the same club!”

The very same outlets,

Who had a great blub.


When creditors baulked,

At ‘pence in the pound’

And debenture holders

Lost their seats in the ground.


Liquidation means death.

The law is quite clear.

And all of your lies

Are worth only our sneers.


You treat folk like morons.

Think we’ve not got a clue.

Are you really a journo

Or a sniffer of glue? 😉


You run and you hide

At sight of real news.

Far better to print

Joey Barton’s pish views.


‘Holding company’ nonsense

‘Engine subsidiary’ guff.

Incorporation’s quite simple.

But your punditry’s duff.


Offshore Game’s toxic.

Don’t mention Dave’s Rand.

You hope we won’t notice.

Your heads in the sand.


Lord Nimmo-Smith’s farce.

Changed dates and no DOS.

It’s all above board!

No integrity lost!


Fifty-four titles.

In only four years.

‘A miracle!’ say Bampots

Who can’t smell ‘The Fear’.


Shark-Jumped and Tanner’d

We can’t help but squirm.

Glasgow derby’s not mentioned.

But there is no ‘Old Firm’.


They’re hopeless. They’re fawning.

They don’t bring real news.

Just cheerleading piss-takes.

For those in Light Blue.



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