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Meet ‘Brand’ The Parrot

Good Morning.

News has reached Clumpany Towers that the Daily Record is set to launch a new mascot for its Sevco coverage. As I discussed last night, the Record seems hell-bent on bestowing equivalence upon Sevco and Celtic at all times, and especially when the Champions League rolls into town.

Distress Flares From The Daily Record?

Mind you, Sevco themselves aren’t averse  to riding on Celtic’s coattails…

Man City fans – revelling in bought success – are being invited to meet the Ghost Of Christmas Yet To Come…


In order to give their coverage a focus, a recognisable image and a bit of personality, all of the Record’s Sevco pieces will now be written by ‘Brand the Parrot’ whose mission statement will be ‘Doing Brand Parrotty Things, Both Night and Day!’.

[Yes. this IS a blog based around a groan-worthy pun… And Brand IS a Norwegian Blue… 😉].

Brand is current flying around Glasgow looking for a Champions League ‘angle’ to delight Sevco fans as Manchester City prepare to take on Celtic.

So far, Brand has squawked the following stories to Record Towers:

“The Champions League: A Family Affair for Rangers*! Guardiola eats in restaurant where David Weir’s aunt’s cousin once had a birthday party”.

“Guardiola’s Rangers* Obsession! Man City boss seen glancing at Record’s latest Ibrox exclusive”.

“Man City In Champions League Tribute To Rangers* Manager. Top players eat toasted Warburtons bread for breakfast”.

“Rangers’* Champions League Lift! Lee Wallace gets into elevator while reading about Man City’s ‘Old Firm’ contest”.

“Warbo’s Champions League Cash Bonanza As Club takes out discounted BT Sport subscription. Manager vows to spend savings on pizza during Celtic-City game”.

I am sure you will agree that Brand the Parrot looks set to deliver some truly gripping Sevco exclusives! Be sure to give a squawk if you see any of his articles in the Daily Record…



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