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Distress Flares From The Daily Record?

No pyro, no parity (of brands)

Good Evening.

Wow. Tonight The Clumpany finds itself wondering whether the Daily Record has 

  1. a newspaper tongue which it occasionally manages to put in its newspaper cheek; or perhaps 
  2. a deep compulsion – at an atomic level – to avoid remembering its own front page story about Rangers dying at its own hand

…and therefore feels the need to bestow some sort of brand parity on the Scottish Champions and the Premiership’s newest club. 

Shameless liquidation-denial commencing in 5, 4, 3…

Whatever the case, these two click bait-tastic slices of nonsense are absolutely glorious!

These pieces are so wonderful because they almost scream of a news outlet that feels compelled to keep the Rangers* brand in the public eye – and on an equal level to Celtic – by any means possible. Indeed they almost look like unwitting distress flares being sent up by a publication which knows the ‘awful’ truth…

Yes, a bookie does have Warbo listed as a slightly-less dramatic outsider for the England manager’s job than Brendan Rodgers. And Pep Guardiola did say the following about the upcoming Celtic v Manchester City Champions League tie:

“I saw the game against Rangers, how intense it was. It was completely different from Barcelona, when they were waiting and being passive. The Rangers game was so aggressive with high, high pressing. That is the game I am going to expect from Celtic here.”

But Guardiola most certainly did not suggest that Celtic are going to approach a Champions League fixture as if they are playing Sevco themselves, who they recently buried 5-1!

Fair play to the Daily Record if it is busting a gut to bestow international relevance on Sevco by any means necessary. But there really is no need for it. The world is already laughing at Sevco and the media’s fawning over them quite heartily enough, thank you. 


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